11:23 P.M.

a cold winter came
in blowing screaming I cried
he left me dying

The Messenger

They like the message,

They don’t want you as the messenger.

You’re too brash, unsteady, unclean

While they look at you with shame in their eyes

Their minds are seeking guidance from you with all their heart.

New Shame

New shame, in vain

Dark and muddy like a beetle

This isn’t the new way, this is feeble.

I will never live up to my honor

But the lies are still lavish

I relish in things I can’t manage

Watch my back as I lash it.

Dictator in my own fit

Say mean things like I own it

Turn around and atone for slips

No way can I hone it.

Destroy lives with nice a twist.

just like picking a new outfit.

different things, I can’t resist.

Being my own enemy is a fun tryst.

12:28 AM

Everyone that claimed law was ready to rio

I had-I had 24,000 thousand reasons to hit the lick.

I just-I just found out rats will use their tricks

I got-I got one of these rats ready to sell out their own tips

I got, I had, I got the extermination on my hip.

Alright, it’s said I was born with the ending skills

My lawyers said i’ll walk when he shakes the deal.

I got a bad little plan so these rats can’t flip.


Strongest You

They hate when you smile,

your confidence is threatening.

You’re preferred to remain willowy like the past.


you’re defiant to nature that isn’t yours

You choose to walk tall.

You decide to be strong for you.