The ideas are running cold he’s going to miss me

while the energy runs hot, I’m trying to forget him.


The energy is running hot I’m trying to forget him

the ideas are running cold he’s going to miss me.




She is destructive with her thoughts; she can’t control herself

anxiety. She wondered if her life was a dream somewhere to someone

and they hated the view

depressed. She coxes herself back down to reality, telling herself that

the mind is vivid in the unknown, it fancies images she can’t describe

better. She wanted to take a deep breath in, but she felt back into her darkness.

Mindful. She wondered what meaning did her mind fancy

Or if there was meaning to her mind at all.

Love Panic

I got to speak to him today

it was for a time

he didn’t seem to care, but he stayed and talked to me

I got to say what I wanted to

even though he’s kind to me

I know he can smell my solitude

that I don’t have many friends around here

also though I think he’s only nice

and he’s showing me pity

I’ll take it anyway

because I can’t do any better than this

and I don’t have any better than this.

8:55 P.M.

I want to run faster than my shadow,

I don’t want to face past hurts;

Somethings, I think it’s there, but the signs are wrong.

Sometimes, I think there is still a chance, but the lies are too long.

I lied to myself for years, thinking it gets easier
the separation has lasted forever,  my lies are not feasible.
I think about it more than you do

I bet you don’t even think about it, do you?

I bet you don’t care what happens to me

you were glad the day you parted from me

I still think about it, every day like a haunting

the mental anguish I put on myself is daunting


ill get over it I know that to be true

someday I will be free from the thought of you.


7:55 P.M.

It’s the rush of it all; it moves like a quake.

I killed the old me,

I shot it with spite.

And smothered it with love

hated for the secrets.

And knowing I cant keep it

meaning sanity, I’m losing it.

All to gain me again, and choosing me.

In the self-love, I’ll go on a self-murder spree.


11:48 A.M.

Have you ever met a man

you couldn’t tell which way he’s coming or going

because you lacked direction?

Your aimlessness is your way of atoning

for everything you started and never finished.


Rude Giggle

She giggles that she never “saw that before.”

I saw it plenty times

it’s not from her time; it’s from mine

the struggle I go through to keep it with me

most of my family transitioned, they whisper in trees

My culutral pendant is all I have to them, it is close to me.

She claims she wants to learn; she was lying.

it was strange to her because she has never seen it before

I thought it was odd she felt I was going to teach her.

A Sweeter Love

I am not what you need

Don’t say you do

I have sensed a sweeter love

And we started better than this


I have a destiny

That’s not true to you

I have grown a sense of light with love

And yours is starting to shorten out.

War Shift

No denying the cultural shift, like wind on a mission to change

Every direction in the face of the tornado, the battle begins now

One leg of beliefs proud

The other one lost in battle

The good arm is bandaged up

The other one gained with mental struggle

Both eyes are missing;

You’re seeing different now.

Things are changing

The last stand is now.