Garden Tool

The imaginative extremes people put themselves under to make themselves feel like they’re better than others is astounding. You try to be patient with their mindless prattle of how minor things people have done for them as the sign of undying loyalty, become the only thing they talk about. If they’re feeling more benevolent, they may give you the floor to say something, As long as it’s going to praise them.

You have to understand that some people only see others as garden tools. You’re just as useful to the person the last thing you did for them; which is never enough. There is never going to be a time when they’re self-reflecting on how they can better serve themselves and others. They love to do things as long as there is an audience of people who don’t care what they’re being served, as long as they’re served.

There is never a time to panic, but there is always room to make way for someone that doesn’t want anyone else to stand in it.


Perception Protetion

The world is defined depending on how the individual relates to the world.  We act and react according to the level of adaptability we can emotionally handle. The way we rationalize our view of the world relies on our perception of the events taking place around us.  Perception is the filter we use on how we see ourselves, how we base our limits on ourselves and our concept of reality. This Understanding is terms and conditions in which we live our life.



Do you know who you are? Or are you what other people say you are? [Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash]


Perception has the stranglehold how we see everything and everyone. Some things are tangible, for example, tables, chairs, houses, and cars. No matter the make, cost, or brand; if a vehicle was to be pointed and asked, “What is that?” it will be defined as a car. A person was arguing that a cheaper, more reliable car is better versus someone who believes an expensive, luxury car is the route is the perception that kicked in. It’s like watching a show with your friend, although you sat together, attended the same play at the same time, and got up at the same commercial breaks. You and your friend can have vastly different opinions on the show. You may have found it entertaining, while your friend hated it, and will never watch the show again. Perception is what we base your life on. It’s the running theme of your life.


They think about you while you think about them [Photo by Yannis Papanastasopoulos on Unsplash]

Perception is a bias; it’s the way we test the various scenarios and situations we go through. No Eastern, western, northern and south places in the world have had a successful brain transplant, in which the patient sees life as a different person.  Whether recognized as a safe or dangerous narrative, our perception gives us limits we go by and take. We know what we know, and we see what we see. Our perceptional limits are mainly responsible for how we internalize and externalize the world around us. In other words, our perception has to do with how we see ourselves in the world and how we think the world sees us.  We all have different mannerisms and attitudes depending on the level of familiarity and trust we have for the person(s). Alternatively, other people are showing you a version of themselves in the same vein. The world is comprised of a series of autobiographies that may or may never be released.


The world as you see it {Photo by Leon Lau on Unsplash]


What’s beyond us is our reality. Humans tend to globalize particular life stages and act accordingly. We all have things we have done that others have done as well. Our sense of reality is what we think other people are and should be. Expression of our environment can be tricky, however. It can lead someone to judge others harshly for not meeting a personal standard they set for others to live. “If I can pay off my student loans, why not everyone else?” is an example of how someone can think because they have done something, that others should do it too, without taking the account that their life experience is not the life experience.


Drowning in achievements is a personal matter. [Photo by Caroline Bertolini on Unsplash]

The waves and changes in how you view the world and yourself will change with time you have to yourself and others. Perception is what has us looking at the same work of art and having it affect us differently. There is no definitive way of how life is going to work other than the primary needs required for life to work. We are always who we are, even if we try to hide it. There is no way seeing life through someone else unless they explain to you how they look at things. Even then, the degree of comprehension is going to vary depending on how that information is perceived. Life and the reality that we believe is subjective. Everyone sees the world as theirs, and everyone is just living in it. Our perception is the protection that structures our concept of life.


You can see everything and nothing at the same time. [Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash]


The ideas are running cold he’s going to miss me

while the energy runs hot, I’m trying to forget him.


The energy is running hot I’m trying to forget him

the ideas are running cold he’s going to miss me.


11:03 P.M.

Hot/cold feelings sinking in with regret,

I don’t know where I’ll take it out next.

Rushed sensations are less prolific

Like spirits that casually pass by

The unseen eye

They lie when they say you can’t see people who died.


Hard/soft feelings of love are holding me back

Wish I never had told them that

I thought emotions were rushed to the eye

And love faded when my spirit died

to an untrained eye, they say you can’t see

I see that I died, I see a former me.


The dreams that been used

To beg I wasn’t misused.

The teams and things

I hold over me

When someone loves me for me

I know it can’t be.


I lost all hope, and I’m taking full blame

I chose to end now because of I’m not good at the game

The beautiful things they pass me by

Turned up noses when they meet my eye.

I can’t sleep, it takes me over

The happiness, I lost twice over


7:55 P.M.

It’s the rush of it all; it moves like a quake.

I killed the old me,

I shot it with spite.

And smothered it with love

hated for the secrets.

And knowing I cant keep it

meaning sanity, I’m losing it.

All to gain me again, and choosing me.

In the self-love, I’ll go on a self-murder spree.


Social Politics

For some, it’s important to look a sure way to maintain an image they worked so hard to fashion. It is a good thing for people to be keen on how the public receives them, but it’s another thing when that’s all they have to their being: the image they are “selling”.

That image they’re selling cuts the real person short. They’re cutting themselves short to be an aspect of their personality they’re not all too comfortable or familiar with.  While we, the close spectators to this disastrous parade, are supposed to sit and receive this new person, because of a personal public relations power move they had in their head.

It’s important for people to grow and evolve. Life wouldn’t be life if people stopped increasing. However, pronouncements of forced growth through menial verification of life milestones isn’t the way.

They trick themselves into thinking that a positive social attitude or image another person has that is well received, will work for them. They see what positions works for a great public response, they steal it for themselves, and try to do it better while insulting the same people they’re copying from. They always find out the hard it’s not the case–they forget people can’t be people who are already here, they can only be themselves.

It would be better for these people to understand and recognize what mental games it takes for them to reach this new image they are continually constructing in the name of the public and not intrinsic values in maturing. They may find there is more harm than good for their mental peace at copying other people to make themselves feel good.  Depending on who they think they are at any given time. These people forgot its better to have a solid foundation of who you are than what you think others what you to be.

False Engagement

Never look to jump off the ledge to prove who you are. When calls of identity are mixed with a judgment of being someone you don’t know exist within you. The best thing to do is to not engage and walk away. People will use you what they want from you, true. That does not mean that you have to further engage in the destruction of your character because you decided to do something that abruptly stopped the claims of false engagement.

Drift Apart


The bond between two friends

Is more intricate than what the surface can comprehend.

VVS diamonds can’t compare to the shine

Friendships long-lasting, despite the interest of time

Then, like a thunderstorm out of the blue

You’re both drifting apart; the clouds are darker in hue.

It leaves you wondering if end was just due

Or was that person your friend

Did they actually care about you?

It was too easy for them to drop you

As if you two never related

Try to be strong

You’re left empty and jaded

“It can be them” you rationalize, “it’s isn’t true”

But it is, they walk by as if they never knew you

as if they were never even acquainted with you.





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12:03 A.M.

I still won’t see

I still won’t hear

The silence request you don’t want me near

It’s not the tone I don’t know

It’s the message I won’t take home.

It’s been a while, it still feels sudden.

You disappeared and you felt clear.

I still rip out like it was near.

I couldn’t take the hint the end was there.

As time gets longer I am more weighed down.

It wasn’t right when you were around

But it felt right when you were around

Like that time we went to town.

That vow you gave, to take me down

That I won’t get hurt, well, look at me now

I still say it’s sudden, and I’m all alone

Although your silence lets me know.

This is me, living my fear

I will live with this burden for many years.

I can’t forget about you still,

It’s like lightening and it gives me chills

Forgetting about you is against my fractured will.

I block out to the nuanced tones

 How your silence is your message:

“Move on and leave me alone”

With your new partner—your love in a new time zone.

While I grow haggard, desperately calling out to an empty home.