Moses Frank: VII

Nothing happened after the incident where Moses caught with drugs and dancers. No one cares, at this point, it is evident to everyone that Moses is an addict, but she can get things done so who cares, at this moment, there is a stalemate on what to get done while she’s lucid and sober, for the short time that is. Some clown from lower ranks suggested we stage an intervention with Moses. Someone must have squealed to Moses that that was a whisper about her. We found the clown in a shallow grave three days after she came to us begging for us to stage an intervention. Again, we all know Moses is a mess, but let’s not go too far with trying to get her help, our lives depend on her mood.

Today, it was a little rougher dealing with Moses than usual. I wasn’t sure what her mood was doing to her, but I knew by how dilated her pupils were, she wasn’t anywhere near sober. Moses kept yelling for things she never had. It was a stretch to get things that never existed in her possession. Moses wanted a designer bag that had since been off the market before she was born. She swore that she had the bag. Someone was about to lose their lives until her dealer came through with something purer. After a long absence in the bathroom, Moses came back to us somewhat standard —still high, but her regular, high self.

No apologies for almost scalping an innocent worker, but that was the beautiful demon Moses was at times. I laid awake at night thinking the times that she has ordered a hit out on someone and it turned out to be an innocent person she turned her rage onto when she was coming down or feeling angry. Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep at her carefully crafted unpredictability. You can always spot when she’s about to lose her mind over something trivial, but the range is too broad. She can go to throwing a tantrum and slamming her door closed like a spoiled teenager. To throwing someone off a 40 story building. It’s all in the matter of what’s she’s feeling.

I hated the feeling knowing she’s not stable in any way. I was signed up for this, bound by life because she had a feeling to bust down my parent’s door. I am hoping secretly she gets help. Then again, every time she says she wants to get clean, it’s a lie. Every time she moves her mouth it’s a lie, but we have to all pretend we like her, so we don’t die. I don’t know if that’s a bad option.


Political Shade #2

Social media edition

I love a good social media battle, sometimes. I am the first to sit down in the season ticket holder area to watch gladiator fight with intensity. I get the gist why the two sides are at odds–I always check the information on the back of the ticket. However, as I tune carnage with delight. I notice something off about the way the fight is displayed, there is more spectator rushing down the aisles to fight.  I begrudgingly remark I have seen this mêlée before; it is like watching a music video back to back with the same dance moves, lyrics, and beat, just with different musicians.  The theme is unsurprising:  someone leaked sensitive information about an individual, for the sake of ridicule and embarrassment. As the clash heads on, the formulaic protocol manifest by, share shade (when the warring faction shares a statement Witten by someone on the outside of the drama[usually from a close messy friend]),  the influx of new followers, and supportive spectators using their hometown hero for a stepping stool to gain popularity.

Shade share happens when sides want to highlight support they have in times of battle. Primarily, the gladiator will shade share a message with someone they are close to in the physical world. These messages are crafted to attack the other side’s credibility and focus on the beloved SMF (social media figure) working tirelessly to help people in need. Salacious drama with implied plugs to the SMF good work, bring out crowds showing interest. Shortly after, new follower and friend requests take shape. As the numbers of new faces explode, the battle becomes muddled; no one is exactly sure what needs to be done in order for both sides to come to an agreement to settle things. Share shades derail work that needs rectifying.

A Huge announcement made by spectators, as they fly down the aisle, looking for a fight. The battle transforms into a continual war. Instead of the two sides solely focusing on the issues. They are focusing on spectators making announcements on where their alliances lie as well as the issue they originally have with the other side. Spectator support is conditional. As long as the faction keeps making the happy by their words, then they will add unnecessary drama on their favorite faction’s behalf. Most time, when people pick a side. They are not picking who they think is ultimate right, they are picking who they think will ultimately win the battle in the court of public opinion. When announcements take place, the spectator may find the fame as a gladiator.

Spectators meddling in affairs that have nothing to do with them can land them with fame and support they were giving their favorite SMF. The rise of stardom on the back of someone else’s drama is how many people get their shot at internet fame, the only problem is the way they reach the top is the way you’re going down, and the spectator usually finds themselves ill equipped to handle a battle when drama comes their way.

It’s a shame when battles take place with the familiar framework that someone leaked information they were not supposed to. Nevertheless, when spectators start to over exaggerate their place in the fight because of shade sharing; that’s when the battle ceases to be about the parties involved and more about the spectators fighting in the name of being included. Spectators take it to the next level with the announcements that are unnecessary as they unwittingly make their way to the top of the social media food chain. I complain that this battle is too staged, and this has been done before.

I am complaining as I am glued firmly to my seat with my season pass in my grip.



7:58 P.M.

Pressures are tricks that spoil you rotten.

Likelihoods of situations you make up in your mind.

Falsehoods you believe, then act upon.

Rejection is perceived but it is not the reality.

Make it for what you think it is, because you are “use to this.”

Reality is two different things to the same person.

When they hurt their self-esteem like this.

One day, you’re on top of the world, the next your under.

Hurt them before they hurt you.

At least—-you think they are hurting you.

Reject them before they reject you.

At least—you think they are rejecting you.

Project insecurities and keep them away

It is what you do casually, it becomes every day,

They will not understand you that is why you keep them away.

They will not understand what you keep hidden at bay.


It is the after taste-

That feeling of brevity after finding your chickens met their dam at one fell swoop.

The blank after mourning

Reel about what you might do, reprisal is a gift .

The plan ends in desire

To take life in your hands– never mind the time.

You trust yourself you will be the last person they see.

You take comfort into knowing the body evaporates into dust

And create the particles that make up stars.

Consumed by retaliation.

Ornate Facade


She’s funny, I’m not

She’s charming, I’m snot

She’s outgoing, I’m real shy

She’s tells the truth, I’m full of lies

The ornate facade that wears my mind

Pretty things I do to hide

Shield myself–if the world truly knew

If this mask fell off, I’d truly be screwed.