Gym Talk #1

I thought, “Well, this is distracting, but I’m glad.”



(Iyana vanzant clap) Y’all listen….   I don’t get how some womenzzzz throw out there that I must be a lesbian because of my interactions with some guys. As if, it is an insult.   Oh, so let me get disrespected because that’s hawt out here in the streets. For you…for you…that’s hawt. But naw, […]

Rant two or so

So.   I learned from an early age   That people love me when I am cracking jokes, giving them knowledge, or defending them. However, they hate it when I try to personalize our friendship. Meaning, I am not a friend, I am a character, looking to fill that stereotypical role as they see fit. […]

Just, Eww.

So, in my new #blessyourheart series   This white person felt compelled to give me a complete rundown of all the races/ethnicities he dated. Then tell me he was “especially touched by this Nubian Queen” he dated Like, your United Colors of Benetton: Vagina Edition, stories doesn’t make me say “OHH MY GOSH, YOU ARE […]