The speckled shadows swarm her as she dizzied trying to collect her nerves. Unexpected trips and tumbles take a surprise shape to her morning routine. as she desperately begs herself to pull it together while hoisting herself up by scaling the ornate blue chair near her vanity. She was getting ready for a confrontation she was not ready to have. However, she deemed it necessary to protect what she had worked for 20 years. She wanted to show that woman who thanks to her wifely senses, intelligence, the secret is out, and she knew for the past five years. She felt it was time to sit pretty while exposing that woman as if she is a flower blossoming, then violently plucked from her root, Stunting growth and development. Certain, it was time to rip open her layers and show the world how truly of an empty woman she is. She picked up the phone with authority.

“Hello, may I speak to…”

She arranged for the meeting to take place in an open, yet secluded stage in the park. She wanted to get all of her feelings out without coming across someone who knows her maiden name. She grinned as she thought ‘this would be a good time to shout out’- things she never would dare when she was the lifeless arm candy at rudimentary black-tie affairs. Nevertheless, she did not want to leave herself exposed to her state of vulnerability. ‘It would not be a good thing for a wife of her power and stature to go out and make herself a mess in public’ she thought. She reminded herself of her mother’s telling: never going out cheap with an expensive dress on. ‘You want to show them everything without showing or saying anything.’ She remembered her breathing exercise her life coach provided her in times of stress as she sashayed down her house into her car garage.

Her driver, always on duty, opened her door for her. “No thank you, Parker” the woman warmly waved to stand down. “I’ll be driving myself today.”

She waited on the nicest bench in the filthy park under two gargantuan oak trees placed side by side behind the bench as if they had front row seats to every example of the human destruction that went on in the park. She noticed the trees the silent power they commanded while giving comfort and protection to anyone that sought their solace. Bullet holes and grazes burn the trees like fingerprints. Each 40oz lay casually at the bottom of the trees also struck Janice with disastrous delight, they looked like little watering pots. She snapped back to reality when she realized where she was romanticizing art.


Suddenly, a younger woman walks up to Janice. Her brown skin and engaging eyes washed Janice over with a sudden lust for jealous murder. “I’m glad you can meet.” The young woman greets as she extends her hand. Janice glares at it with chilling eyes. The young woman retreats into her hand slowly. “I got your call about you want to talk to me.” The woman sits on the far side of the bench. Janice quickly skooches away from her as she clings to her designer purse tightly. “Well, you know Frank.” Janice chides. The woman looks off into the horizon and back at Janice with revealing eyes. “Well, he was my husband, you know that right?” Janice condescends The girl shook her head lightly as she raised her shoulders. “He told me he was single.” the woman’s pure innocence in her revelation killed Janice inside “I’m sorry little girl he lied to you to get into your pants.” Janice huffed as she rolled her eyes. “…but…” Janice shrugs her shoulders carelessly—, “….he used your body to get off, you need to learn how to close your legs to a married man, but I wouldn’t expect much from someone who lives out here.” Janice opens her hands as if she is introducing the woman to her surroundings. “Listen, I’m sure my husband gave you some money for your troubles” Janice bobs her head side to side. “I’m sure you have children you have to feed, so I guess you do what you have to do right. Use your tiny waist and ample curves right?” Janice moves her hands to shape the woman’s body. “you don have much of a face, but you have a body. I can give you that.” Janice looks over the woman one more time as she shakes her head.

“Claudia is my name” the woman gets up. “Your husband said he divorced you the long time ago. Sorry, he lied to you.” Claudia remarked flatly. “Are you shortening your name for me?” Janice hissed. Claudia rolled her eyes as she begins to walk away.

“You’re very disrespectful.” Claudia scoffs as she slings her purse over her left shoulder.

“Well, I wanted to meet you today to tell you Frank died. No more free ride for you anymore.” Janice stuck out her left hand to highlight a huge diamond ring. “He leaves the earth and you get nothing.” Janice boast. “I was his faithful wife of twenty years, I get what I put up with. I earned it.” Claudia grins as she looks down on the ground. She looks back up at Janice with a sorrowed look on her face and she walks away, saying nothing. Janice walks back to her car. Satisfied.





3 years pass and Janice live comfortably without her husband. she secretly seethes and replays the instant when she noticed Claudia coming to meet her in the park. She couldn’t believe her husband would sleep with a woman of Claudian’s kind and stature. Janice completes her home workout as her head maid comes and informs her the family lawyer. Marv Penny is waiting for her. Janice freshens herself in the mirror and hops along the hallway to meet her lawyer. ”Marv” Janice smiles and gives Marv a kiddish kiss on the cheek. Marv, however, is cold and strict. “We need to talk, Janice.” His voice low and rumbled.

Janice was impatient. “Merv, tell me what is going on.” Confusion ran over Janice like a Mach truck. she didn’t like this stuff man she saw before her. Marv paused and cleared his throat, “Frank left you with nothing in his will. He left everything to a woman named Claudia Shippers.” Marv pulled out the paperwork and piled it in Janice’s hands like he was putting of hand cuffs. Shocked, Janice reads that her husband did, in fact, divorce her and left nothing to help Janice sustain her current lifestyle.

“Claudia…” Janice dreamily whispers the name repeatedly as she releases the papers carelessly on the ground.




Stella: 5


Josie whimsically paces the room and plops on the love seat.

Donna is sitting very tense on the couch. Her hands are deeply interwoven with each other as her leg shakes anxiously.

Josie casually picks up the remote from the cleaned coffee table in the middle of the room and turns off the Television.

Josie sits up and mocks Donna’s sitting style.

Donna keeps her eyes glued on the television, although nothing is on.


So, you heard they arrested him?

Donna sullenly turns to Josie and shakes her head.

Josie leans in with a fractured smile.


So, why are you so tense now?

Donna wildly shakes her head as she slowly touches back to reality.


I don’t know.


Why did you go back to Maggie?


I don’t know.



Our addictions are getting out of hand.

Donna blinks fast and snakes her head yes and no at the a rhythem.



I don’t have a problem.



Yeah, you do.  So do I.

Donna scratches the back of her neck and picks her feet up to the coffe table to relax

Donna shakes her head “No”.



I don’t have anything wrong with me.

Josie leans in towards her friend while she skyrockets her eyebrow.


You and I have a drug problems.


Fuck you.

Josie sits back a little bit.


I’m not trying to fight with you.


Fuck you.


This is all becoming crazy with the whole Stella situation. We both need real help dealing with the possibility of our friend being dead.

Donna closes her eyes and tits her head back to signal fake sleeping.

Josie shrugs her shoulders, gets up, and leaves the room with no tension.

Donna opens one eye to follow Josie out with her gaze.

Donna hears a door SLAM shut.

Donna pulls out a small bag from her pocket and puts a powdery, white substance on her index finger.

Donna tilts her head to the side and closes one nostril with her free hand.

She SNIFFS the content on her index figure.

she plays with her nose for a hot second and breaths out dramatically.

Donna reaches for the remote and turns on the television

TV Reporter (off screen)

Coming up next: Distraction in the Church: How a priest and a student, lead to a mysterious disappearance.

Donna flicks the remote to one side and leans into the television.


I love T.V.

Donna SNORTS very loudly.

Stella: 4

Stella: Three


A medium beautiful office is covered with wooden panels and wide open windows. The corners of the office are decorated with beatifically spotted pots, housing nice sturdy ferns and sitting chairs.

A beautiful YOUNG WOMAN sits behind a vast mahogany desk. A golden is perched like a hawk right above the woman as she mindlessly types away on the computer.

The woman looks up at the clock. Shakes her head and continues to type quickly.

The phone abruptly RINGS, startling the woman. She quickly composes her self and gets up to answer the phone.



The woman listen to the phone. Her smile quickly disappears.


Fine, let her in.

The Young Woman slams the phone and SIGHS as she stomps back to her desk.

she violently sits down.

Donna walks into the office and smiles.

The Yong Woman returns a shallow, fake smile.

Donna pulls up a chair from the corner, sits opposite of the young woman.



Please, have a seat, Donna.

Donna smiles at the woman will all her teeth showing. She keeps the plastered smile as she settles in.


I can read your mind.

The Young Woman impatiently scratches her neck in an exaggerated fashion.




MAGGIE, is that anyway to greet someone?


What the fuck do you mean?


Oh, you curse now?

Maggie shoots a chilling glance to Donna.



What are you doing here?



I think you know.


You’re looking for trouble.


I just looking for answers. You don’t text me back anymore. I almost think we were dating.

Maggie explodes up from her chair and flails wildly on her side of the room.

Donna trails Maggie’s movements with her eyes. Confused

Maggie paces the room with fury.


You don’t have any business being here. You have been expelled 3 years ago!

Maggie stretches her arms and starts to dynamically twist her upper body with her hands leveled at her shoulders.


You can’t stay away from this place. You want to keep hurting people because you don’t have anything do do.

Donna forces her chair to rock back and forth.


So, where are you hiding Father Mason?

Maggie chuckles and hoist her hands to level her shoulders.


Oh, is this a part of your whole fantasy world? Now, I have something to do with Father Mason’s disappearance?


You have something to do with his erections sometime ago. So, since you guys, are like…close

Maggie rocks her head back and forth. And grins wildly.

Maggie looks away and looks back at Donna with deathly disbelief.

Donna grabs her arm across her body and shrugs indifferently back at Maggie.


What do you want here?


I told you. I want to know where is Father Mason. He has to answer for Stella



Why are you here? For real.

Donna slowly gets up from her chair and saunters back to he back of the chair.


What the fuck, Donna!?


Don’t curse in the church.


Why are you here?


You know where he’s at.

Maggie closes her eyes ans shakes her head violently.

Donna squints her eyes at Maggie, confused.

Maggie starts HUMMING very loudly.

Maggie slaps Donna with an open hand.

Donna jerks a little and holds her cheek as she slowly rices to look at Maggie.

Donna returns a hard slap with her back hand, Maggie falls down hard onto the ground.

Donna sighs as she looks up to the sky. she looks to the side and smiles satisfactory.

Maggie MUMMERS on the ground

Maggie staggers back on to her feet. There is a small trail of blood coming out of her mouth.


(while gathering herself)

Well, fuck you, still


Where’s your boyfriend, Maggie?


Same place your dead mother is, Donna.

Donna is taken back.

Maggie smiles coy.

Donna shrugs and nods condescendingly.


That was nice, talking about my dead mother. We should sew it on a doll. Maybe put the message where your bother touched you. Do you visit him in prison? Or would that be another awkward first?

Maggie goes blank.


Haven’t you something better to do th-



–get yourself together, first.


Shut up

Maggie ruses over to the mirror pinned by the door and looks at her face with concern.

Maggie stows away quickly to get a cloth, and retuns to the mirror, she gently dabs the dried blood on her mouth.

Donna starts to impatiently breath in and out.


When was the last time you spoke to him?

Maggie does not return to look at Donna. She starts to dab dried nothing on her face, but keeps dabbing gently a away, obsessively.


What are you talking about



When was the last time you spoke to him?

Maggie turns around with furor.



Donna quick hops towards Maggie.

Maggie turns to Donna with her chest slightly puffed out.

The two women are close enough to kiss.


Don’t be shy.


I’m not shy, I’m standing right here.

The two share in some silent posturing.

Donna backs up, very slowly.

Maggie relaxes her shoulders and stares Donna down.


Like, i was saying.

Maggie pumps a little more proud in her voice


I haven’t seen Father Mason since Stella disappeared.


You’re acting super weird about this. The news said you were the last person to see him.

Maggie gives Donna an “oh, is that so?” look and begins to chuckle rhythmically flat.


What channel was that on? Never News or Liars at Nine?.


Your interview with Bobba Harty

Maggie looks at Donna in disbelief.


I didn’t lie.

Donna shrugs her shoulders “so be it”.


OK, if you say so.

Maggie shakes her head. She had enough.


You’re going to hold on to that!?


You, Father Mason, and the poor soul that dead somewhere.

Maggie curls her lips and shakes her dead at Donna in a disappointing manner.


Whatever makes you feel better…

Maggie motions to the door.


…please leave. This is getting super destructive and going no where. I have nothing to say about what’s going.

Maggie throws her hands up in the air and is fluffed with confusion.

Donna half laughs at Maggie. Donna proceeds to head for the door.


I’ll leave, but I’ll come back, and you’ll just ask me to leave again, and I will. The cycle will continue. Just like your broken home.



Let it be known, I have nothing to hide

Donna continues to walk, unfazed toward the door.

Maggie shuffles papers on her desk, nervously.


(voice breaks)

Nothing to hide.

A TALL DARK MAN appears at the door, blocking Donna from the exit. They share an crash run in. Donna shuffles to the side.

He sullenly looks at Donna and nods.

Donna stops in her tracks and looks up at the man in a disgusted, but lustful manner.

Donna returns a welcoming nod with a cracked smile.

The Man wipes his forehead and approaches Maggie’s desk carefully.

Maggie eyes trace the man from the bottom up.

the man shoots a distrusting eye to Donna.

Donna quickly averts her gaze

The Man returns Maggie and leans in closer



They arrested Father Mason.

Donna peers from the background.

Maggie watches Donna and returns to the little powowo with the man.


For true?

The Man stiffly nods his head.


They found him at Rodanda.

Maggie breaths an expletive and stomps her feet.


Donna shifts her eyes back and forth. She perks her lip a little bit.

Donna quietly tries to lean in.

PAN:back to man and a Maggie


Ok, thanks. Leave.

The Man Scurries out.

The door SLAMS shut

Maggie sinks worried into her desk with her gaze.

Donna squints her eyes and approaches Maggie’s desk.


I’m going to read what he whispered to you in the paper, so it’s not a real secret. Bye, slut.

Donna puffs her chest out and smiles at Maggie. She leaves the office.

Maggie sits back on her chair and looks around her office.

Maggie throws her head on her desk. While her head is down, she reaches for her purse on the floor and grabs her phone.

Maggie dials on her smart phone and puts the phone to her ear.

Maggie waits for a few seconds for a ring and she checks her nails.


(Oh Phone)

Josie, Mason has been arrested.

Maggie shakes her head “yes” and rises to click away on her computer as she is listening on the phone.


(On phone)

Ok, well. My advice to you is to get a lawyer and keep your mouth shut.

Maggie abortively hangs up the phone.

Maggie continues to focus her sights on the computer.


(to herself)

These are cute shoes.

Stella: Three


Stella: Two

You’re going to need to follow along.

Have fun reading. I hope you like the fun.

Donna lays out, relaxed on a busted couch in a dirty apartment.


The grand living room is arrested with clutter scattered about like exprssionist paintings.
The worn down carpet is riddled in aged and fresh stains.
The walls are decorated with light and dark hued stains with family pictures.
An expensive table swalllows the room, it too is filled with old papers and razor blads with a decortive mirror crusted with white powder slab dab in the middle.
Donna looks up as she see tiny dust particles dance as highlighted by the sun beam entering the home with no regard.
Donna folds her and in her lap, tits her head back and closes her eyes.
A TALL BLOND woman enters the room.
MICHELLE PIKE(31) a tall, blond, beautyifly slim woman enters the room with a beaming smile.


So glad you made it. Was this place hard to find?

Donna resurrects her head back up, and nods “no” politely.
Michelle plops down on an equally dirty love adjacent to the couch.
Michelle shuffles papers off the crowded table and puts a black bag down on the edge by her.


I’m glad to be here.


So, what is the word with Josie?


Uggh, what isn’t?

Michelle opens the bag and pulls out a LARGE BAG of cocaine.



She can’t control herself.

Michelle begins to divide cocaine lines on the opulent mirror.


(while “making lines”)

Yeah, it’s sad, she’s fucked up everyday. Not like us, we have things under control. Like, I know I can get wild.

She nugges towards the drugs.


But I know how to handle myself and my responsibilities.

Donna looks up and shakes her head in a dignified manner.


It’s sad really, she came into my room a few nights ago, all strung out and stress out. She looks so vacate behind her eyes.

Michelle rolls back up from the mirror. she inhales deeply as she covers one nostril.
She passes a rolled up piece of paper and the mirror to Donna.


She’s been getting worse since Stella, huh?

Donna SNORTS loudly.



Donna exhales deeply.


This is good stuff.


Yeah, I know, I finally found someone reliable.


That’s good, but you know, I have been worried that Stella is actually dead somewhere.



I know! it’s so sad. Oh my goodness. If Father Mason actually–



HE DID! He knows where she is.

Donna takes in another large line of cocaine.
Donna snorts loudly again and coughs violently.
Donna taps her chest delicately and squishes her whole face as she looks at Michelle.


That one was a big one.

The two girls share a break in laughter.


Well, he had something to do with it. that’s for sure. Josie said she use to see them.

Donna imitates Josie’s Voice as she rolls her eyes.


(Mocking Josie)


Michelle stops in her chop tracks and looks up at Donna as if she seen a ghost.


Wait, what does she mean by “together?”

Donna titls her head as if saying, “I’m telling you”.


That’s what I’m saying.

The two look at each other coldly.
Donna passes the mirror. without missing eye contact.
Michelle receives the mirror while staring intently back at Donna.
Michelle looks down at the drugs nicely laid out on the mirror and notices her reflection.


I look nice today.


That’s an everyday thing for you.

Michelle takes up another line with furry.
Michelle blast all the way back in her seat, dust particles explode into the air.



Father Mason.




Didn’t he get you kicked out of school?

Donna shakes her head sternly.


He did, and he lied at meeting.


He lied?


Yeah, he lied. He pinned his little shenanigan on me. He said i was the one who was bringing weapons to school and openly threatening him.


But, I heard that you did bring weapons to school.

Donna HUMS very loudly while she closes her eyes.


Father Mason, was a freak and a pervert. Like, I had to protect myself.


Wait. “Protect myself” what do you mean by that? He was harassing you?

Donna extends her hand out.
Michelle connects the mirror to it.


He was trying to sleep with some girls I knew in my little sister’s grade. I told him if i ever saw him harassing one of those girls, I’d tell everyone who would listen. And he threatened that (mocking father Mason) “That would be the last lie you tell.”

Donna dives down to the mirror and snorts a very large line.
Michelle pinches her nose a little bit while looking at Donna.



After that. I caught him hanging out at Lisa’s pool party, you remember Lisa, right?

Michelle looks up, refocuses her sights back on Donna, and ferociously nods.


Yeah. He fucked her, dude!

Michelle becomes wide on all sides of her face.



Donna raises her eyebrows and shimmies “yes” with her head.


He did. And no one believed her when she told. So I came with Reggie and Howard to his home and asked to see him. He never left his house. The next day, I was getting expelled.

Michelle’s head travels down to her feet as she shakes her head.


Damn, so the rumors about the brothel were true then.


(coldly flat)

You know it was real. How the fuck do you think he and Stella became close?

Michelle looks at Donna with complete sadness and disbelief.



Donna snorts loudly and slams the mirror down.
Michelle looks down on the ground to check if any coke spilled.


He was a horrible person.

Michelle nods her head, and sniffs another line.
Donna lays her head back and breaths in deeply.


Just wait and see, everything will come out about him in due time.

Donna smiles at the ceiling as she shifts her eyes back and forth, secretly.

Stella: Two


You’re going to need that one (link above) in order to get this one. Have fun, and stuff. And you know


Donna is sitting alone in the dark surfing the web. She sloths down into her bed more and more as she mindlessly clicks through various websites.

Donna gets up to open her window and turn her fan on.

Donna picks up a sweater from the floor, puts it on and falls back into her bed in a free fall manner.

She crawls her way back to the top of the bed, and puts her hood on. She rest her laptop on her thighs.


The room is large. It is clean but extremely messy.

Important papers, clothes and clumps of hair are on the ground scattered about with little carpet to be seen.

Her bed is jammed in the corner of the room with a lamp right above it.


Donna clicks through various websites while she pulls on her hair, mindlessly.

She stop pulling her hair suddenly, but keeps her hand in the mess of her hair, she scoots over to reach for her dead phone.

Donna waits, then tosses her phone carelessly back into the oblivion on the floor.

Donna sits in the dark and pulls on her hair some more.

A KNOCK brings her back into the present.













He was a monster, wasn’t he?

Donna perks up slightly from her bed and looks around her room as if she seen a flamboyant ghost.






You think he did it, don’t you? You think he killed Stella.




The doorknob slowly turns and the doors sheds golden light, attentively.

A haunting figures cast it’s bright murk on the room, the figure wanes into a shapely human form.

Josie stands at the door for 5 seconds, leering at Donna in silence.

Donna looks back at Josie, lovingly, but ready.

Josie walks as if she’s counting her steps and rigidly sits on Donna’s bed.

Donna shuffles to accommodate her.

Josie sits down with no body movement or language towards Donna.

Donna nervously wipes her mouth with a cover hand.



I use to see them together.

Donna looks around as if she has seen the ghost again.


What, what?

Josie turns her whole upper body toward Josie as if she was being controlled by a remote.



I use to see them, together.

Donna rubs the back of her neck while looking up at Josie.


Like, “together” as in student and teacher. Or, “together” as in statituory rape and abuse of authority?



You, know “together”.


I don’t know what you mean.

Josie smirks and pulls back her body a little.

Josie was riveted with the half-opened door.


He use to-he use to keep us all together.

Josie started to slightly drool.

Donna squints her eyes.

Donna catches and opens her whole body in shock.

Donna SLAMS her laptop down and shoves it on her night stands.

Several things come sprinkling down to add to the messy floor.


He sold to you, didn’t he?

Josie smiles, wrly with dry drool making way for new drool.

Josie yawp the half open door.

Josie’s mouth and eyes got wider as she sites more erect.  Completely fixed on the half open door, fruitless.


It would be stupid to ask you how high you are right now.

Donna tips her head as she looks onto her friend.

Donna Sits her head back on her headboard and BANGS her head twice.



it would be stupid for me to ask you anything!

Josie shakes a little bit, then returns to her statue state.

Donna sits back on her bed and folds her arms.


So here, a little play i have, I tthink its floating somewhere around my page, but the body is here so I can add on to it as the story goes a long. Have fun reading.

Int. Josie and Donna’s apartment, San Francisco, night


Josie(24), brown, medium build. is watching television casually sprawled out in her underwear.

She laxly reaches over her head to try to pat the couch for the remote.

she keeps patting over her head, opposite arm behind her. she still cannot locate the remote.

she SIGHS.

Josie repositions herself and gets up. Pushing her stomach out to stretch.







(Annoying whimper)

Where is the remote!?



I don’t know, dude, check under the table.

Josie slops over to look under the table.

She locates the remote.

Josie grins satisfactorily, she positions herself back to her former state of slop.

DONNA (25), female, brown, skips into the room and crashes down onto the couch, landing with her hands in between her thighs, her face fixed on Josie.


(looks up)

Do you ever plan on getting a job?

Josie smiles gingerly.

Donna leans in to grab the remote.


I mean…you just can stay here all depressed over nothing right?

Donna starts to relax herself and flips the channel.

Josie looks at her dead in eye and GROWLS.

Donna turns her head, surprised.


(cocks head to the side)

Did you just growl?


No, I’m expressing my support for your input by giving you low, frequency waves under my breath–Yes, I did growl, you’re messing up my thing i have going on here.

Josie circles her arms in an exaggerated manner.


(rolls eyes)

And what is that thing?

Josie rolls her eyes, as she reaches for the remote.

Josie starts to flip the channel.


That thing that does not involve you here, messing up my “depression” with your input.

Josie tosses the remote without warning.



Since you seem to know everything, why don’t you locate me your half of the rent?


I’ll locate you you’re rent, when you locate me the past two months of the water bill.


Are you sure i owe you water, or did you sniff that portion up your nose?


That portion you snorted all of you mean?


Still no word on missing teenager Stella Grant, official says she was last seen with her principal, Father Martin Mason. Police say, if you see or know anything about these two people’s whereabouts, please call the hot line listed on your screen

The two girls are stunned silent.


Next, we will be check that bear sighting, what that means for your weekend, coming up after commercials.

Donna and Josie mirror the same uneasy look to each other.


So, she is still missing huh?


(clears throat)

Afraid so.


Do you think Father Ma–



No. Don’t you go there, and don’t you start with that shit, you know he would never do something like that. He was one of the coolest teachers at that stupid school. Why would he do that to a student. Stop being paranoid.



Oh, come on!

Donna throws her hands in the air frustratingly.


He wasn’t cool, that guy was a sick freak. he was a stalker. Even you

Donna stabs her finger out to Josie


Even you had issues with him. remember when he tried to get you to–

Josie violently gets up from the couch



Dude, shut up. Don’t go there

donna holds her hands up to surrender.

Donna slides back carefully onto the couch.



I’m sorry, I’m wasn’t trying to be–this thing or that thing–i was just trying to say–for the sake of Stella. I hope where ever she is she is still alive and safe.

Josie gives Donna an evil eye and walks out of the room.

Donna slings, comforts herself into the chair and flips the channel.


(to herself, out loud)

Mannnn…i don’t give a damn, that guy was a nut bag and was (little louder) Everything wrong about the Church.

Donna flips popcorn into her mouth and continues to watch television.