“When Did You Realize You Were Ugly?”

“I’m not her [me] I don’t smell and my hair isn’t nappy.”


Thirty: Done

My neighbor has a lot of cats, and even though they are skittish, I think they are kind of cool. They all walk around and sleep all day. That is cool. But they are everywhere. I think there is such thing as having too much cats. Everyone is done with school, even the ones who […]

Twenty Nine: Friend Coast is the best Coast

I think there are some cool things about Oak Grove I was admiring some of the popular girls today. Like it is amazing how they kept four years of being nice and well liked, you can go to any group and no one says anything bad about them. I think that is great because there […]

Twenty Eight: Last Rally Call

Last Rally of the year I did not like whom I was paired up with at for the fun dance we did as seniors, but that is not important. I heard he touched himself at a retreat, and here I have to dance with him, gross. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun doing […]

Twenty Seven: White Fish Resentment

Resentment     There is a huge feeling I have of resentment.   I wish I were not able to see right through people like how fish can’t see the plastic rings that choke them to death Then again, it is necessary that someone does not take the bait, as it seems that everyone else […]

Twenty Six: Listen

Hold   When you fuck up, people won’t let you forget. Or they will let you forget until you fuck up in their eyes. Then, they remind you of what a fucked up person you are.  They remind you by telling you all the things wrong you have done, and thing you thought was put […]