I disappeared for a while, and still, I don’t know my voice when I hear it. I think too hard to be in the shadow of something that is not for me to achieve– I guess that’s the lie I tell myself. When the conditions are favorable for me to set sail in a daydream not suited for my reality, I stop my self and masquerade the fantasy land I serve in my opinions about the facts; the facts that are given as particular impressions that their only humble opinions. Even in my own world, I’m too scared to hurt my own feelings, but either way, my actions take charge as I remain by the window, looking out to nothing that is coming for me.

There was nothing more interesting in this place than the air that blew in military-like hard directional commands. I escape there too often, the directions are far south and some east. In a sense that north is piled on the west and the south meets in the crease.


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