They don’t need it, so why should you? I don’t think there is anything more devastating than knowing your growing more into your own. It’s like uncharted territory when a new aspect of your self esteem develops and shines. Not that it’s a bad thing, but getting more in tune with self always turns someone off. Someone will take issue when you grow more into yourself. That is the blessing of wisdom, isn’t it? To know that your opinion of you matters more than others opinion about you; it’s a blessing wrapped up in a curse, I would say. Only because you don’t see the change right away, but you feel it in eerie, yet exciting kind of way.

It can be off-putting to stand up for yourself more than prying eyes are used to watching you do. Breaking out of a shell is always easier than cutting into one because you can’t glue back pieces already broken as if the pattern of the shatter wouldn’t be visible. To some, you may be doing “too much”  to encase a personality that is not yours, when in reality, you’re showing a side others have not seen before and are not ready to view. There is nothing worse to some than you acting well out of the stereotypes they have placed on you, unbeknownst to you. As if they want to resepect the person they say they grew into while holding you to a person you never were, by force. Meaning, they want you to celebrate they have developed and change but don’t honor the growth and change you are going through as well.
They’re not prepared to see you, you only know if you’re new self when you look back. Change is unfitting for those in which the clothes were not made for.  Change is what it always will be; a constant reminder of life.


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