Dear Diary: Sensitive Brutes

There isn’t anything worse than an asshole who can’t take the heat of their cooking. What did this hardcore crybaby think, was going to happen? That, someone, wasn’t going to make their abstract insults as concrete reasons to issue a beat down either verbal or physical? Even the head Lion gets challenged once in a while. There is always an idyllic, younger lion looking to fight the ion which is that lion. The fights end the same; with the status quo maintained, or not.

Sensitive Brutes are the ones who can’t take what the give out, but dammit, they’re going to keep serving us dishes they did not help create. However, you’re still going to get detailed information as if they were in the food cellar thinking about ways to make food more iconic to everyone that ever locked eyes with them as the pull and muddle through their vast collection of alcoholic fruit punch. The only issue is they don’t know the name of the dish they’re campaigning as a heavenly treat. They assumed you were going to buy in and not ask questions about what they’re serving you.

Keep in mind, these delicate barbarians are sensible to their issues but not anyone else’s. They always have a rundown handy of everything everyone has ever done  (“good” or “bad”) that fits the narrative they want to frame about someone. If someone makes a Sensitive Brute feel insecure about their looks, they will, in turn, spread information for people to watch/listen for small buzzwords and mannerisms that can be interpreted just as the Sensitive Bute described it. Sensitive Brutes are quick to say “I told you that person is stuck up, look how they flip their hair” when in reality, the person is flipping their hair to get it out of the way. They keep tabs on everyone, but heaven forbid someone meets them at their game and pulls out their autobiography. The Sensitive Brute will be quick to tell everyone how much they’ve grown and seen as an exceptionally evolved form of themselves.

Finally, sensitive brutes are quick to remind you of the wrong someone did to you back in ’98, but they never remember the wrongs they did to you three minutes ago. Even if they suddenly burst out of their soap opera-like amnesia, they have great reasons for throwing you under the bus to protect themselves. These sob stories usually come off as them trying to “make a bounce back from trauma” but when you rip the emotionally charged words out of their speech. It’s nothing more than a hefty complaint of that one time they were held accountable for their crock of crap, and they’re still bitter about that till this day. Not to mention the isolation they felt when there was no Garden Gnome insight to lessen the blow for them or to take the blame. They’re always going to make it their mission to chop others down so no one will realize they’re miserable and want others to be miserable with them.

As long as a sensitive brute come off as more brutish than high-strung, none is the wiser. At least, according to them.

Everyone is a different version of themselves to someone, remember?  Being a sensitive brute might work for some people because it works out for others. I have to ask myself if I am shut out from knowing the cry bully for who they are and cut short what I think they’re worth but at the same time. It’s what I see, and that thought can also be just me. I can be on an island with this.

You’d think it’s better to see the trees for the forest or the other way around. I’m not sure, how that saying works, but I like it because it’s mysterious and beautiful.