We all encounter someone who demands they lead us into the darkness they know well. These are the kind of people that base their life on the opinions of others; their intrinsic value they have in themselves is gone. They don’t want you to be yourself; they want you to be a version they made up of themselves. They want their demons to become your master.  They demand you host the parasite as if you were the one swimming in swamp water and gained a wandering tick looking to bury its eggs under the safest spot in your skin. Trying to force someone to relish in a life that is not their own is an intrusion of their right to express themselves in whatever they like. Even though it may inspire change for the better, People shouldn’t force others to be just like them.



We are all the same but also nothing alike. Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Humans fail to realize they’re not modern, mortal Gods. One thing that may work for one may not work for others.  As long as no one gets hurt by reckless actions, it’s better to celebrate the unique perspectives of others while maintaining confidence in one’s own. Just because a person goes to the gym every day does not give them a license to berate and nag others who don’t share the same enthusiasm for exercise. Forcing others to obey your own rules on life builds tension and resentment




Change can go nowhere. photo by Ronaldo Santos on Unsplash

Leaving people to be who they are is the best way to ensure interpersonal relationships are not built on pressure or false narratives. Life is a creative movement, sometimes the colors run off, but that does not mean there is no beauty in the art itself. Making someone feel less than is a sign the bully sees no value in themselves. Controlling aspects of other peoples lives are the way they can miserably get through theirs. However, a person can only go along to be “constructed” for so long until the cracks start to take shape and hold.


It’s only a matter of time when someones start to be themselves. Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash


Even actors and actresses take time out from playing a character for a gawking public. However, people always assume the character portrayed on television or otherwise, is who the person is when the cameras shut off. Shaping someone into something they’re not for personal benefits always end in a reminder that people can’t change unless they welcome the change themselves.


Forcing things causes things to break. Photo by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash

People think their helping when they make people do and be how they see fit. Sometimes, it’s beneficial for some to take charge and change destructive behaviors in others to ensure that more trauma or damage can be inflicted upon. However, when someone isn’t hurting anyone, then making someone change who they are to please someone else is restricting.

Humans fail to realize they’re not modern, mortal Gods.

Change can be significant when there is a concerted effort with all parties involved. However, no one should feel pressured or forced to be something/one they’re not because another person isn’t comfortable with it. Everyone can learn something from everyone at any given moment. Honor yourself and others by appreciating the concept of individuality in its entirety.