Thoughts Taking Over

I lay on the ground inside my room, under my bed

And the radio is singing nothing; I can’t remember what it bled.

I’m drifting in a haze that speaks to my coldness; with that said

I’m excited about this dark waking I’m enchanted with its send.


I feel my mental spaces banding together as if they have pistols to their head.

The skyline in the dark is glowing it gives way for evil to make their bed.

I can’t believe my spirits roam, begging for an ending full of lead.

And it’s paining me to realize, I fully relish in this dread.


It’s my time to shine

In darkness or light

The mind games I’m playing is on red

The shaking and reeling

Gives me a new feeling

I can’t escape the madness, so I stay and tread.


I won’t run and cover

My intentions to smoother,

The running suppressive thoughts of change.

Who is it for? Who knows.

I’m robotic in my self

I hide what I care about, I think it helps

An unstable sense of self-ends up on display


My thoughts try to subside

In glorified lies

Of sense and faith in a case of rage each day.

Looking for reason

To change for the season

And two days on the floor gives way.


I leave by hand on the way to surrender in case the thoughts give me away.

And I’m looking at myself through eyes that are mine, but I can’t relate.

All the evil is floating I don’t believe gravity made this an art stay

I feel the sun come up the mood down on the luck.

Time isn’t fear, but it stays.