You’d think there would be some common ground…



[part one, five]




You’re a piece of trash. That’s how I feel about you, and not even recyclable. You’re the kind of garbage that is harmful to the environment.

It’s hard to trust these days, everyone is out to make a name for them on the back of hurting you. I know about you. I see the kind of friend you have been to me and others. You are no friend of mine. You like to pretend you have my best interest at heart, but depending on who else is around you, that interest changes.

I remember you left me to defend myself against my attackers while you and your little crew recorded my trauma for your hilarity. When I told you how I felt about it, you dismissed me, only to casually promise me that those men were not “actually” going to hurt me. In fact, I’m still dealing with the anguish to this day. I can’t even go to awards after-party anymore because of it. You, on the other hand, you’re out celebrating each year as if you won an award for your local mediocrity.

You’re a social climber and a sellout. I have nothing but the worst intentions for you in past, present and future endeavors you may have. If you’re looking to be this person who claims they care about me. Turn yourself in and admit what you did, and what you’re hiding.


Otherwise, don’t ever contact me.