[Part One, 2]

Mindy, what’s going on?



Mindy, you’re going mad over this split. You need to be more careful how you move and what youre saying to the public. They’re not as forgiving as you think they are. You had your time in the sun and your success over the years has proven that. I want you to think about emmulating a living legend than a faded star chaser walking the earth a tormented shadow. This is the first, second, and last time I want to have a word with you in regards to how you move about discussing the split in the media. I want you to do well, but you are going to have to want to do well for yourself.

I hope you don’t take this wrong, but maybe you need to go undercover for a little bit, just to get your head clear. I’m also saying this because you’re clenching your jaw a lot on television, people are beginning to suspect your back on drugs. There is only so much time and money I can pay off to gossip news outlets to not run verified stories in their papers. I need you to be with me on this Mindy, please.