a response



I thought we parted on good terms. She wants to scream at me; it has not been earned. Although I love her mind, it was exotic.  I have to stress our “love” was toxic.

She never trusted or left me be. I would have given her my all, but she didn’t want to see.

She wasn’t a secret, that was a lie. She never wanted to come out, she swore I would die if people saw us together, she was never secure. I had all I could have. I loved her, so I endured.

I don’t care what she feels. I don’t care if she’s still sad. I have a new woman, and she makes my friends go mad. Well, that as a little shallow, but I have to admit. It’s nice to have a woman, every man wants to lick.

Alright, I admit, she was only for fun. I couldn’t be seen with her, it would make people run.