11:03 P.M.

Hot/cold feelings sinking in with regret,

I don’t know where I’ll take it out next.

Rushed sensations are less prolific

Like spirits that casually pass by

The unseen eye

They lie when they say you can’t see people who died.


Hard/soft feelings of love are holding me back

Wish I never had told them that

I thought emotions were rushed to the eye

And love faded when my spirit died

to an untrained eye, they say you can’t see

I see that I died, I see a former me.


The dreams that been used

To beg I wasn’t misused.

The teams and things

I hold over me

When someone loves me for me

I know it can’t be.


I lost all hope, and I’m taking full blame

I chose to end now because of I’m not good at the game

The beautiful things they pass me by

Turned up noses when they meet my eye.

I can’t sleep, it takes me over

The happiness, I lost twice over