I’m Not Ready

I’m still not ready, and here I am advertising show time. I invited everyone to come in and watch my big debut. I have yet to run my lines clearly and go to rehearsals. I jumped the gun thinking it was time to make my name on the city stage. I jumped and decided to drop my hat in a vast production I am not ready for. im bearly even qualified.

I don’t have a good habit of learning from my mistakes, i believe each time is always going to be diffrent. I keep getting shown the same senarios i don’t get my cosimic lesson to move along from because i ignore the signs that tell me i have a lesson to be elarned. i awasy want to put by ego first. But I keep repeating the same “jumping in too soon” mistakes. I always hope the risk would be more worthwhile than the last, but the last was a lesson that I refused to take.

Well, here I am on stage half prepared, but have to make the most of it.  Because I am here. I am here in front of a significant number of people adverting something I am not ready for. However, the show must go on, and I have to make my mark now. I told myself the time is now.

Here goes nothing.