For some, it’s important to look a sure way to maintain an image they worked so hard to fashion. It is a good thing for people to be keen on how the public receives them, but it’s another thing when that’s all they have to their being: the image they are “selling”.

That image they’re selling cuts the real person short. They’re cutting themselves short to be an aspect of their personality they’re not all too comfortable or familiar with.  While we, the close spectators to this disastrous parade, are supposed to sit and receive this new person, because of a personal public relations power move they had in their head.

It’s important for people to grow and evolve. Life wouldn’t be life if people stopped increasing. However, pronouncements of forced growth through menial verification of life milestones isn’t the way.

They trick themselves into thinking that a positive social attitude or image another person has that is well received, will work for them. They see what positions works for a great public response, they steal it for themselves, and try to do it better while insulting the same people they’re copying from. They always find out the hard it’s not the case–they forget people can’t be people who are already here, they can only be themselves.

It would be better for these people to understand and recognize what mental games it takes for them to reach this new image they are continually constructing in the name of the public and not intrinsic values in maturing. They may find there is more harm than good for their mental peace at copying other people to make themselves feel good.  Depending on who they think they are at any given time. These people forgot its better to have a solid foundation of who you are than what you think others what you to be.