Of Fire

When interested in fire, it’s not a necessity to burn yourself. However, some choose self-emulation when they try to personalize an aspect of crude zeitgeist to impress a gawking, meme informed public. They don’t care if they burn the entire town and escape bridges down with their willingness to set things ablaze carelessly. They rather walk in the fire they started than escape being ashes. Meaning, instead of taking into account of what others are concerned about, or how they hurt people, they do what celebrities when they anticipate bad publicity. They jump ahead of the story and give a rousing speech they realize they need to do better as a sibling, source, and child, they want to really touch all their bases. They have made this jump so many times, they know which hoops and words to use to complete their successful circus run.

Although these shams have been put on repeatedly in the exact same way. The leering public still reacts as if it is a fresh, new product that has never been done before.

As always, these spectacular announcements are met with open arms and praises. Everyone around them is happy this ‘new year, new person’ finally see what others have been asking them to look at for a long time. However, the display of support is what the charlatan is truly looking for. The act of “wanting” to be a better person is just as good as the next time they’re called to perform on stage with their solo scene of contrition. I can’t hide my distrust when I review this kind of movies because they’re just that. A movie to poorly pitch emotional maturity.

Real change comes with self-reflection and a willingness to cognitively find a better way to adjust the behavior. It seems when these players go on public apology tours. It’s meant to garner a compassionate reaction from the crowd, then hold themselves accountable for their offense. Otherwise, they wouldn’t feel the need to go on a tour; the change in the behavior would be evident.

Of course, there are special cases. but there is something to be said about a person who is constantly apologizing and backtracking for the same thing by ordinary.