I can’t stand when someone does not find a person physically attractive based on personal opinion, and they act like judge, jury, and executioner. Some people go on campaign trails to point out every little flaw a person has no matter how unnecessarily vapid they come across. The truth is, we do this as a society. We give better treatment to people that won the genetic lottery in different shapes and forms such as better employment, the wider range of romantic choices, and rushed forgiveness for abusive behavior. However, if you have been conditioned to have faith in that you do not meet the standard of beauty— don’t believe it. Someone likes the way you just the way you are. Even though you may not like it, there is always someone admiring you in a brazenly silent way. I don’t mean in a menacing stalker way. I mean in a way that someone right now, as you read this, is secretly appreciating your looks.

We are not going to be stunning to everyone we see, on the same token, we are not going to find everyone we see aesthetically pleasing, and that’s okay. That’s why there are different choices on a menu at a restaurant, we all like different things. We can come to the general consensus about how being considered mainstream attractive gets you amazing benefits, but that’s not the things I am going for. I am talking about finding oneself attractive. Being comfortable with how you look.

Why not consider yourself attractive? No one else has to agree because no one else is you. We put too much pressure on ourselves based on what others may or may not think of us. Some people change their whole persona based on internalized marketing research. One way to think about this is when someone is made fun of a physical characteristic like the shape of their nose, after years of torment, they get plastic surgery to “fix it” after, they get jeered for not leaving their face the “way it was.”  We don’t have to live under the circumstance of what others may think of us. We all have things beautiful about ourselves, it is a matter of being comfortable in recognizing those beautiful things on a constant scales in face of adversity of someone trying to tear you down.

Grasp the fact that the most intense conversation you will ever have in your life is with yourself in your head. what you tell yourself dictates how you move about in the world around you, your reality is solely based on your interpretation of it. So, why be negative towards yourself? Your opinion of yourself should aline with what you think of yourself, no what you think others want you to be., Of course, there are going to be people that don’t find you attractive and will find nasty and rude ways of showing their distaste for you. You may run into people that are just finding ways to hurt your self-esteem because they feel bad about themselves. However, you can think to yourself you re the most precious thing in the world and no one can take that away from you.