Moses: One, VI

It happened today.

I wasn’t really surprised, but it is always strange to see Moses freak out because of a bad international press. I think the display is strange because she should be used to it by now.

“…Sheer indignation!” Moses snapped as she threw a rolled up newspaper at me. She straight chucked it at me; with perfect aim and timing. It slapped me as it landed smack open where the gossip rag showed their fury towards Moses.


I wanted to laugh so bad because of the lack of punches held in the headline. It was explicit. The only thing I would change is leaving acclaimed film director James Hcal out of it. He can care less about Moses– I am sure he also is preparing to sue everyone and anyone responsible for this leaked one-sided romance as I write.

Moses quickly drew up plans to visit LandMass 1 to go out on an all-out war with their national, mainstream media, particularly the magazine. I have given quiet props to the first land mass; they really know how to do international news. They know how to make their news relevant to the whole wide world. After all, we follow their celebrities and wish to catch the LandMass 1 wave of capitalistic supremacy.

Although the rumors they published were true; we don’t need them to broadcast it. We have our own media to spin things. Besides, what is different between us and them? They use stupid monikers to keep people down such as race, identifying pronouns, and class. We don’t have that kind of the mess; everyone is kept down by one person. We are all equal in our dastardly struggle to survive under the watchful eye of a high functioning drug addict. For this meeting, however, Moses was sober—-for this meeting. I knew after we wrapped as a team, we were not going to be able to contact her for three days before the trip.

“I need an advisor.” Moses barked. Marsha slowly got up to assume her solid role. Moses asked for an advisor was her way of asking for Marsha, but for some reason. Things changed today.

“No. Not you. Sit down.”  Moses didn’t look at Marsha. Marsha plopped down in her chair, Rita quietly grabbed Marsha’s hand as her head willowed down. How embarrassing to be fired in this kind of outwardly subtle way. you see everyone’s head stiffly looking straight at Moses, but you can feel all the eyes dancing with this fresh gossip.

I imagined myself dancing on a grave. Not any grave in particular; my imagination celebrated what I couldn’t act out.

“You.” Moses lit a cigarette— she points to Lauren.  A quite busy bee with extremely nervous energy.

The whole meeting looked around shocked at the casual upstaging. Lauren is the new travel advisor. That felt odd to acknowledge.

There were a couple of random gasps sprinkled in the auditorium. As soon as Lauren’s name was called, you can hear the gasping ping-ponging off the walls.

“You can do this, ask Marsha how to help you.” Moses didn’t look up at anyone as she kept filling though what needed to happen for this trip.

Lauren looked and smiled at Marsha. Marsha didn’t respond as Rita continued to stroke her hand.

haha, I thought the laughter phonetically.

As soon as Moses literally had the door spank her on the way out. The whole room stiffly crowded around Lauren. We were all spaced out at congratulating her with Marsha outwardly sulking in the room. After an obvious, “I’m upset, but let me act nice” extended pause Marsha hugged Lauen, we all knew it was fake, but it was a relaxing sign that all of us were able to show our actual praise of Lauren.

Rita and Marsha both spat indirect insults about Lauren into the air as they stormed out and slammed the door behind them. We all laughed and talked smack as we continued with our celebration.


That night, Marsha came into my room as if we were best friends. I was annoyed.

“Can you believe what happened today?” She plopped her disgusting body on my freshly made bed.

I shook my head. I told her flatly, I am still new and I don’t know things like she does. So I am sure she will get a bigger position.

I was wary of a woman that is known to sell out her fellow coworkers for a pat on the back and a ham sandwich would ask my opinion about our ruler’s decision.

She tried to get some information about what I liked about Lauren and I told her I thought she was pretty.

“She’s kind of homely, don’t you think?” Marsha leaned in, looking at me with a pinched eye.

I shrugged my shoulders and told her that Lauren is in shape, and maybe we can all use some of her workout tips. I knew that statement would set Marsha back. Marsha would never admit that a huge part of her problem with Lauren is she is genetically blessed. Lauren is beautiful. Marsha hates that Lauren doesn’t try when it comes to looks.

I think some of the whisperings amongst the other Margies is, Moses choosing Lauren over Marsha to get to Marsha is true. But between my writings and I,  I think Lauren is the new travel advisor is because she’s prettier than Marsha. Having someone pretty and pleasant as a ‘friend’ brings on added benefits. Marsha…well…her added benefits did Moses no good.

After some awkward small talk, Marsha left. She got no new information from me, but she did leave my room more obvious in her envy.



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