Political Shade #2

We all have high tower moments. Times where we think we’re doing something better than other people. Life benchmarks, we don’t know where we got from, but we are proud of surpassing. Oddly, these personal “gold star” moments somehow become the presented as redeeming characteristics. For example, when someone says they graduated college, others automatically assume that person is intelligent. When really, if you think of it, the student that graduated last in their class— still graduated—you know what I mean? Still, some people use having a college degree an indication of their intelligence. Mind you, having a college degree brings great benefits, however, it’s not in the indication that someone is more intelligent than another that does not have a college degree. A degree indicates that you did the work required to get a degree.

Amanda Seales highlights this example with her latest social media gaffe. Measuring construal benchmarks that are historically discriminatory as an indication of whether someone is “winning” or “losing” in life.  Let’s set aside that she doesn’t take in account that not everyone is allowed the same background, opportunities, and resources to obtain papers to please her benchmark sensibilities. However, let’s highlight that she is giving baseless insight no one asked her for.

Her Hightower moment has me wondering if she’s going to come down from her pedestal to do something.  Has she laid out plans to launch a national program to remedy this situation that she finds offensively detrimental to human life? If she has no plans, then I’m not sure why she’s being judgemental about something that does not concern her in the least bit. I bet if someone launched social media attacks about her not living up to their standards, she would be on every liberal radio station, show, podcast, and live stream on this green earth complaining that she was attacked while covering each social issue that would justify her hurt, but here she is, giving anti-black, urban and poor, sentiment because she falsely gave herself the impression that it’s her business to do so.

We can all agree people should do what makes them happy as long as it is not hurting other people. So if someone is stacked with the latest Jordan’s, absent-minded about their credit score as they fall asleep on a deflating air mattress, so what? Is she going to make a house call and fix their life like Ilyana, or is the twitter backtrack going to be her act of contrition?  Wouldn’t her time be better spent promoting the projects she’s working on rather hoisting her sanctimonious dribble as intelligent discourse? I didn’t think she could have found the worst way to broadcast to the world that she has nothing better going on in her personal life, but here we are.

Pecksniffian people like Amanda Seales always come to show where their true activism lies, sure, she says she for all people, but if that was the case, she wouldn’t be talking about passports and Jordan’s. Championed for shutting down Catelyn Jenner, Amanda is a rockstar when it comes to gender and race.  Most people are loyal to the causes that directly affect them. Most people know more about the issues that society as if they are directly affected by said issues. Amanda is a goddess when it comes to race and gender issues. She is passionate and eloquent. Economic disparities, not so much, she needed to keep this to herself and educate herself on why. If she knew the causes, reasons, and effects, she would not have or mind to make her simon-pure statements.

I am disappointed she thinks it is her business to make offhanded remarks about what people choose to buy. Most likely, people who live in the way she’s bashings are not her target audience. I also think that she found it easy to target them because society shames poor people as a whole. We love to think people can budget their way out of poverty, but that is not the case. Her Hightower comments are unnecessary and reckless.