I was getting ready for The Royal’s procession coming into town. They’re going to ride in with their broken chariots made of gold with such unapproachable grace and arrogance while demanding the subjects pay for half of the cost for the Royal to usurp their home for a resting spot. The air filled with the horrific stench of molded bread and cheese as soon as the announcement was made.  The parade was going to be as stately as a symphony that isn’t playing music, but the audience is engaged in the music they’re dressed up to hear. I gave into my liberos that tugged on my hand like a child ready to leave, everything I did and felt to get ready going into auto pilot. My mind wandered, like a participant of a tour group that has repeatedly been told by the tour guide to staying with the group for safety reasons. My mind just left, I felt it escape me as my body still prepared to join the other spineless saps that are not brave enough to take on the Royal with a favorable coupe; it seems like everyone is waiting for the other person to strike first.  My time is like money, and I don’t like to waste it. However, I was mechanically getting ready to toss hundreds of thousands away from time with The Royal’s public display of the false sense of compassion for their fellow human with superiority.

All the Royals coming through town ready to show off the blessings they stole, live lovely. Each royal has more than one beautiful castle with strong foundations build on sand and dust. From a distance, the marvelous wonders look sturdy and vigorous, the castles’ blinding pillars of their crest boast an intimidating gaze from a far as if the building is warming everyone it’s best to stay back and keep doing so. Anyone will adamantly decree that this isn’t a castle that would fall quickly, and that’s it’s a fortress for good fortunes and protection for the royal. This is right until you gain the courage to keep walking towards it. Up close, it’s nothing more than a flimsy structure of monochromatic beach debris, held together by a false belief that the high living here is a demi god. The royal spends more time than needed convincing themselves and others they must reside at this castle to be closer to offerings their followers may bring to their altar.

The Royals win over the hearts and minds of their subjects by regularly competing for social visibility and blackmail of dark confessions as they gaslight conversations to avoid accountability for their actions. Royals have a way to hint that they’re going to make sure everyone knows the chapter a subject does not want to be read out loud. Slowly making their followers are just as vengeful and spiteful as the people they worship. However, no subject intends to leave due to the fear of isolation and public humiliation from their fellow subjects. Followers are repeatedly blindsided by Royal’s media friendly level of admiration and respect.  Members fall for the trick regularly. The cover only works if there is strict genuflection in a hierarchy of the subjects. However, as soon as some followers talk out of turn, or asserts their rights to exist. The Royal gets defensive and hurls bits of confessions as they boastfully berate the member public. Most of the time, the Royal does not live up to the social standard they bestow on their subjects. The Royal always manages to reassure the subject they were foolish to trust a royal in the first place.

I tell myself this is one of the few festive events I have been to that no one is festive but the people we are forced to come together and sing their praises. This shallow display of affection is going to be painful for all parties involved. I lamented about my charm and grace while dealing with altschmerz.

It was a very long wait outside in the rain, I hated a warm, humid day, but the sky was evening ready when high noon struck. I felt like that was a good sign for me to just try to enjoy myself.  The drums started first, which meant that it was time to start clapping and cheer for gods that dress in man’s flesh to wave at us today.  One looked directly at me and quickly averted their eyes. I did the same. We didn’t want to be where we were, but we have been gone from who we are for so very long, that we forgot who we are and where we are from.  I understood the pain that royal was feeling, but I knew when to wait for a signal to help.

The Royal with relatable eyes dropped a purple bag, and I knew it was time.

The rain stopped, I took it as an extra set of luck, it was a time I brought my gift to the world.

I whispered to the air, and the bullets went flying with flair.