Moses Frank: One, iv


My first official day as her assistant was more eventful than I wanted. I was surrounded in a  delicate yet forcefully decorated grand meeting room, with a bunch of Cheif Head Wingers parading as leaders from Moses’s father’s time.  She couldn’t shake up the long standing institution for draconian laws to set by men. So I was feeling a little bit, worried about her.

I wish I were at home. I have a strained relationship with my parents, but the strain was better than this kind of pressure. As Moses walked past me, I started to tear, she was wearing the same perfume my sister wears.

My eyes started to swell. Moses caught me before busted out in tears in front of the whole meeting hall.  She carefully shuffled me outside and to come back in when I was ready.

I took the  hour.

When I came back to the meeting, The air was violently tense, everyone seemed upset they had to take orders from a young, surly, coffee skinned girl that looked like a wife to an uptight professional athlete, then an absolute monarch to a modem dictatorship. It was odd, to be honest, to have someone this young be so broken, yet hot to touch.  Alas, here we are in official meeting robes taking orders from a woman I’m not sure is fully committed or interested in the policy she is proposing to enact.

Adam Taut, the leader of the Head Wingers, ha so much fight in him today. He was an older man, I wanted to say he was Moses’s grandfather’s age. A thin build with an usually large head and thick dinner plate eyes. He was clean, but something about him seemed so dirty. Nevertheless, he was brilliant and forward thinking with his ideas, when ever he spoke, everyone paid a little more attention. If someone didn’t know any better, they would have assumed that Taut was the leader and Moses was the girl that was allowed to do whatever she wanted. Like play ruler for a day  I was enchanted, but I can’t let Moses know, so I had to show him with my eyes.

Adam and Moese spat back and forth to each other for the duration of the meeting.  There were points that it got really nasty and ugly, I just turned off my tape recorders because the language was too much. Moses wasn’t as stately as Taut, but she sure did have a wonderfully hideous way with words. Once the meeting broke, Moeses sank down in her seat.  She was exhausted, and I quickly told her I was too, to show solidarity.

Moses asked the first guards to leave as she directed me to go meet her on the terrace.
Soon after, Moses met me as she lit her cigar,  “You learned something?” I have grown accustomed to Moses not looking anywhere in my direction as she spoke to me. I apologized again for my lack of attention, she said asked me what I was talking about.
After a light chat, she got down to the real reason she asked me outside.
“You thought highly of Adam, didn’t you? I noticed your eyes.” she blew some smoke in my face.
I had a hard time looking at Moses as she placed her hand on my shoulder.

“It’s okay if you like him, but you should know you’re not good hiding how you feel.”
She laughed.
I didn’t know what to do because I’m still not confident I’m safe around her. I flatly told Moses that I don’t want to die because she didn’t like my answer. She rolled her eyes.
I spilled I thought he was a stately human being.
Moses nodded softly.  However, her demeanor switched cold. She told me to retire to my room.
She puffed as she stomped inside. I heard the door slam. I cleaned up and held to myself that she asked for an honest answer, so she shouldn’t have been that upset.