Exercising is isolating, sometimes.

Exercising in a  gym can feel like you’re a walking island with other islands passing through with casual extended eye contact. It is many genuine people prefer the soundtrack provided via earbuds. However, some islands sink into the abyss than ever reach its full potential. Some people give up on their goals before they reach them due to boredom.

Studies show that moderate exercise a couple times a week for at least thirty minutes, can improve mood, boost confidence, as well refining goal orientation skills. While there are more benefits named, some still don’t keep their eye on the prize. Adding a workout partner can help keep you in check. A buddy stem in the gym has three main benefits to me.


A workout partner helps you stay motivated.

Sharing a fitness goal with a partner can bring comforting values in staying focuses on your goal.  Let us say, person one does not want to go to the gym, but their workout friend keeps on them until they agree to go to the gym. At first, resistance on persons’ one part, after the workout, they feel better. I think one of the main reasons why people hire personal trainers, is they need someone to hold them accountable for how they spend their time working towards a fitness goal Nothing is more valuable than time.  One will have better luck feeling confident they can reach a goal with a trusting support system than intimidated to reach the goal, because they have to pay.



Reduce the risk of injuries.

Injuries are one of the main reasons why people don’t end up reaching their fitness goal. Having a person, you trust working out with you, can reduce that risk by proving a spot, or correction cues for certain exercise.  Provided one or the other has a working knowledge of how the exercise is executed. For example, if one is struggling on an exercise, the other may give a suggestion and correction, thus alleviating the discomfort.

Some things, our workout partners can’t catch.

It’s fun!

It’s magical to add another bond to a friendship that does not call for the need to give into certain vices.  Shared activities, especially activates that include exercise, open for a complex, deeper understanding of your friend that one may not have been privy to prior. Certain qualities may come out in your workout partner you didn’t know they had; whether it’s good or bad.  Working out is a great way to get to know yourself and your friend  all over again. It also fun to share in the journey with laughs, encouragement and light.


Get a workout buddy!

Working out can be boring and self-deprecating, but if you have a workout partner, the perception of working out seems more palpable. Workout partners are great because you help each other stay motivated toward your fitness goals. The shared compassion for each other would better spotting and correction cues greatly reducing the risk of injury. Having a partner to workout with can bring a level of understanding and respect that has not been expressed before in the interpersonal relationship. It’s a great way to get to know someone all over again.  Make a plan and take a hike, yoga class, run and whatever you feel is exercise. It’s great when memories are shared.