I was watching these women fuss with another woman.
Of course, I enter with no invitaion,  I pouted, “Hey, what’s all this, then?”
Turns out they were pressed the woman, who is their main line for an assortment of shit, is going to college far away.
It made me think of a post I saw about drug dealers are not suppose to have a life.
I was already being nosey so I asked, “Are you mad you lost a connect, or that your friend is going away?”
They’re sad she’s going away.
I told them she’s only a ratchet road trip away, just make sure they snap when they go.
That was solved; they made amends in ‘young person’ (I had no idea what they were saying–they were talking really fast). One slowed her speech to ask me what was fun things to do in San Jose.
With a smile, I told them leaving San Jose is always fun for me.