Moses: One, iii


I was so happy when we finally made our destination.  From afar, the odious Castile is out of place from the surrounding slums of Seafront. It was not that the people were poor; they did not want to rival anything the young dictator was doing or building. All skilled workers are employed by her. She forbids workers to use their, “skills” elsewhere.  “Adore. “ Moses candidly calls out to her estate. Adore is breathtaking. It had a classical yet, modern tone to the exterior, accented with large windows and cherry red lining. The front field is littered with blood red roses that also line various roads throughout her compound, the shades of red were so intense, the fallen petals looked like pools of blood.  I complimented Moses on her maintenance of Adore since her parents passed. She blinked twice and shot me a creek smile. I scooted a little more towards my door and told myself to reserve the rest of my energy for appreciating the winding road leading up to her front door. Interesting foliage scattered around lush green grass. As if, she wanted a bush at random spots in the field to her liking. I am in awe of her house. I never saw it in the official photos—she does not do things like that—nor even in the gossip news. It was an intense first time looking at it.

I did not realize the drive up to the front door was going to be another painful ten minutes. I managed the best I can to not look at Moses blow her nose away. It is horrid, to say the least.  As soon as the car came to a halt I leaped out as if it was still moving. and rolled on the ground seven times. Everyone just paused and looked at me like I hadn’t been here long enough to go off the deep end. It was extraordinarily disconcerting…..I could not believe how ominous and the stark white mansion was up close. I was thinking it was super elegant and modern from the gate,. Now that I think about it, as we drove up, it seemed to get cloudier.  I don’t feel like I saw this house and felt this weather when we got to the gate,  It was a very strange feeling of evil that lived in the house. Like a protective evil, I was scared.

A portly guard swished my door open and grabbed my right arm. He yanked me out and I swirled out of the car.  “Get inside” he snorted as he kicked my suitcase towards me. I was frazzled; I picked my case up and scurried in. Moses left to get something to eat and watch television. The guard, lead me down a large white hallway with deep red carpeting. The walls were accepted with poetry, pictures, and messages from Moses. I was shocked at a number of people working and filing through her grounds. It was as if they were consumed with the minor task that does not require the human emotions I was seeing. They all needed to look like they’re very busy was what I gathered. I overheard a woman freak out because she thought Moses’s pants shrunk in the dryer. Even though the instructions mounted in huge green letters behind her clearly states that ‘a little shrinkage never hurt anyone.’ I giggled to myself, as the woman’s hysterical cries were behind me, a blatant distant memory.

“You’ll be staying here.” The guard shoved me into a luxury suit.

My new prison quarter is gorgeous.

As the fat man slammed the door behind him. I waited a couple of minutes before I laughed and rolled around in my new cell. I was fully aware the responsibly of keeping Moses’s affairs in order is going to be very long and arduous. I was also excited that I was able to unwind in my chef kitchen or the study clear across the 4099 square foot penthouse. As long as she was good, I was good. Therefore, I personally took it to myself to make sure she was comfortable with me doing the job. After all, I believed the worst friends always give the best gifts.

Later that evening, Moses came into my room and plopped a large red book on my lap. As she walked away, she said it was the new manual of my duties.

I turned the television off and resided to myself it was going to be a long night of studying.