Part One: of a series


The news broke out while I was washing Dear Leader’s pipes. The International Crime Unit has taken in our benevolent dictator, Moses Chidechi Frank, into custody for war crimes. According to NDD, the only news network we have in Seafront, Moses was arrested outside of a strip club in Wasterhood, New Mersey. She did not make a fuss, apparently, she wanted to run back inside and get her leftover bag from lunch. Thankfully, they allotted her to do so. Personally, I loathe the International Crimes Unit; they take cases of so-called “bad dictators” and parade them on television as if that is going to help the people these jokers claimed were suffering. The ICU is unique at fueling our societal false sense of justice and that world peace is attainable.
It is an odd fascination how we celebrate the poor being punished while letting the rich get away with anything.

Alas, they choose to put Moses on the chopping block this time around.





I was told my job by Moses herself when she stormed my parents’ home telling them she chose me to be her personal assistant. I lived peacefully the suburb of Rockland, 443 miles north of the capital Seafront.  Usually, Moses does not make a trip to this side of her rule unless she was in the mood for violence. I was scared because she looked like she was high. It is not a secret that Moses abuses hard drugs; the country is little more stable when she has fallen off her sobriety wagon. It has been about 3 months since she has fallen, so people are more interested in living their life as normal. I was completely terrified when she busted into my parents’ home. I thought she decided she was going to use me as her personal punching bag. When she came kicked the door down, it was a shock at first, but seeing how wild her eyes were and her inability to keep still made me eerily relaxed. As she explained to my parents, that she needs more friends around her age,

It was absurd to question the ethics to my parents when she offered the money to release me to her custody.  My mother rushed me upstairs to get packing as soon as Moses finished signing the check. Although families are free to choose whether they are leaving their homes to work for Moses in the capital, it is still a better choice to say ‘yes.’ The benefits of staying alive around Moses are miles better than sitting at home wondering if you are going to be her next random target.

I packed light. I packed to two pair’s pants at like and three tennis shoes. I knew I was going to get a complete makeover when I get my official duties set in—Moses did not believe in anyone looking a mess around her.—I was sorrowful knowing that my life is going to change forever. At the same time, I embraced that I was going to be the right-hand person to the most powerful woman in the whole land mass, possibly the world. I was going to be spoiled with rewards upon rewards for existing to do what I am told to do.

“Ready?” a sweet voice beamed from behind me. I jumped a bit; her voice is too smooth for someone that is so demented. I told her I was but instead of making way to leave, she sat at my desk as if she was sitting down for her first school lesson.

“Tell me something I would like to know.” She folded her hands and smiled.

I did not have anything to tell her that she would not have known already. She kept a file on everyone that lives, comes, and goes through this land

“I’m scared you might kill me.” I immediately regretted what I said as soon as it left my lips.

Moses shook her head, she seemed little hurt that I would think that she would do such a thing to a person she was legally kidnapping through her own rules.

“You’re too nice, but I don’t kill people that look like me, you now? I don’t kill former or current staff unless they try to dress me, you understand that, right?”  Moses patted my shoulder fantastically hard, and twirled out the door, demanding I come downstairs. I quickly followed behind.  Kissed my parents each and swore that I would bring back vouchers so they can visit. It was a sight to see my mother and father cry. Moses came right back in and without saying anything, gave my parents a book of vouchers, cheerfully announcing they can come visit anytime they wanted to.

That was the last day she was kind to anyone.

As I followed her out, she asked me again why I was so jittery and nervous; she never bothered to look back at my facial expressions, so I was mainly having a conversation with her backside with noises coming out of her front as if it were a smelly back.

I told her …again, I was worried she would get upset with me and kill me; she has done things like this in the past.

She stopped and turned back towards me as the driver scurried over to the back passenger side. She was clearly annoyed, I was also frighted how calm she remained.

She softly came close to my face as if she found a good angle to bite my nose off.
“I told you, as long as you’re good. I am good. Stay in your place.” she srugged and fliped hair in my face as she contineued towards the car.

She made herself at some in the passenger seat. The driver tensely motioned for me to enter into the car. This was going to be a long ride.