A funny memory of when I was a teen growing up in San Jose.

When I should have kept quiet.

Back in my school days, my friend took me to see her homie on the east side for a transaction.

When we got to the house, and settled, the person she was seeing kept yapping on and on about things women “don’t do for men these days, and how everyone is selfish.”

As he was ranting, I blurted out, “but aren’t you fucking (my friend) behind your baby mama’s back? Are you going to sell her drugs or not?” I was laughing and looking around like everyone was going to join in a light hearty roar. I was point my thumb like ‘this guy, amirite!?’


When I tell how silent the room fell, as if it was as the whole world just stopped to give me a side eye.

I looked around and was like okay, I got up and said, “I will see myself out.”

As I was leaving, someone was whispering, “Why did you bring her here?”

One girl, that was already in the mix before my friend and I got there let out a lone “Buuuuuttttttt..” agreeing with my statement and I turned around really quick shot  her a “she gets it!” smile. We pointed at each other in solidarity as I closed the door.

I sat out on the porch in gazed up satisfied with my statement, the girl came out. We chatted and laughed like old friends as I waited for my friend to finish her visit.