I have a thing that I like to do. I like to walk. There is too much things and birds to see while I am driving. Moreover, I have to concentrate on the road, so I cannot really go and sight sees. Therefore, when I have the time, I like to walk around. I believe that you never take the same walk twice, even when it the same route over and over again.

I really do not mind the distance; I can just take as long as time lets me. it’s even longer when I have headphones in, sometimes, I try to walk to the beat I am hearing in my  ears. I have fun with little games I play with myself, the fast paced songs that I get to move around to are the best. Therefore, I take my time, and just walk. The imagery is never the same; one minuet there can be a cat skidding with anxious fever to get back to its other resting spot. Alternatively, I can see a whole drug deal go transact with safety in the neighborhood, right in front of the same house I walked past twenty minutes ago. It is never a dull moment when I just go out and walk. I find walks to be living reminders of where we are as people.

Trotting along the sidewalk has its added mental and health benefits. I do not know about them on my body, but I can say that each time I take a set walk it seems more efficient that the last walk, maybe because I my mind is not racing throughout the walks like they use to. I do not go where I am not wanted, I am reminded of who I am by each time someone shouts out from a distance. My walks are routine to places I know and have been before, I am keen on my safety. Too many things can happen because I walked down a wrong street carelessly.  Routine is my preferred mode operation of my walks.

Walking give me something that I don’t have to challenge myself or think about, It’s something that I still like to do independent from exercise, sometimes the best things are exercise but they don’t seem like exercise. Walking is one of those things that I really enjoy doing,  I still wonder if there is a places for me to be as careless and aimless other than my head. How careless and aimless walking seems in my head.