Can I talk to my fitness oriented/ Fit people for one second?


Ok, Well look at my writing.


Save the nutrition, gym, and style advice for other’s bodies this summer. Tuck it away and chalk it to recognizing your privilege and unpacking your judgement.

Look, most of us couldn’t be nutritionist, physical, or sport therapist because of the math and science classes involved, yet, as it get hotter, so do your feelers for “know-it-allism” while you give a complete rundown of workout, style, and nutrition advice to someone you’re never going to meet.

We love to tell fat people where to go and how to dress when it is hot outside, Yet, in turn, a lot of us, aren’t “all the way there” either.

Like, you are whispering to me “that fat girl needs to cover up”, and I am looking back at you like “But, she’s prettier and her outfit is better than yours, so what’s the tea?”

Look, I have to work on shaming, but it is a damn disgrace how some skinny girl can make fun of fat girls, and everyone is okay with it. Meanwhile at the ranch, this skinny girl has a face of bootleg Picasso painting, but it’s okay because she’s fit and/or thin. Let a fat girl say something disparaging about the same skinny girl, and everyone is going to be like…”Wait, wait, wait, don’t do call her thin mint, when you’re a big bitch.” Okay, I’m done, but it’s wack! It’s wack to me!