Moses Frank: One

 Follow this young person’s life under a brutish dictator. This is One.



That night was awful. It was awful, you see. There was a huge explosion, and objects started falling as if it were naturally raining expensive items. I was slowly awakening from zoning out in the kitchen when I was shaken back to reality.  I went running out the main court, only to meet the festival goers at bloody odds with The Enforcement.  I thought Moses was tyrannical when she was strung out on a bender, but the citizens were over 10 years of disappointment. They had enough. I did my job, and went out to search for our Dear Leader. Later, amidst the may lay,  I saw her standing on top of a hill, still looking fancy but dirty with a knife in her hand, stained so deep it looked purple and black.  She was shouting into the blackness chants so heinous I could never bring myself to repeat her twisted words of logic. I never knew human beings to decree things so foul. However, I did not know this woman standing before me.  Moses stabbed her best friend and Minister of Continent Security Council. I felt that moment was an ushering of an evil show I was not ready for. I worked for this beautiful dictator for 15 years. I have seen murder, rapes, kidnappings and a whole host of tortures galore while wearing couture, most done by Moses herself, but for the first time, for the very first time, i was scared. I was scared of her.

Moses’s sister was crying, but it was hard to believe she was upset about it, not one tear dropped from her perfect brown face. I did not say anything; it was not my job to. I walked up and quietly told Dear Leader that the festival was running rampant with protest and destruction, and it might be best if she fled.  I had a lot to ask about why she stabbed her friend, but I did not even try to look at Julian as she was screaming and coughing on the ground. I tried to pretend she was not even there. Moses caught on to the secret battle I was having with this scene, and reassured me that Julian would be fine.  She asked Marsh, who was hiding behind a bush, freshly finished crying herself, to call for the medic team to pick Julian up in 4 minutes. As for fleeing, she was not going anywhere and she was going to “go see what the mess was about”. This woman had a penchant for killing people close to her. Not meaning family, but if you catch her at the right time of day, she might kill you. She has been more and more unstable as the years went on. After all, I am a product of her kidnapping. I just couldn’t of seen her doing something like this to someone she was so close to.  Someone so…just like her.

I stayed with Julian as the medic team got her up and going in three minutes. I waited another seven minutes to see if there was going to be an overthrow and I was going to die with my team. Nevertheless, as soon as Moses said she would be right back, her sister got right up and loaded a gun herself to charge on with her sister. It felt that an even angrier spirit was going with them and them was going to come back with some news that we only had about thirty-seven citizens left. An hour into Moses and Sarah leaving, the protest seemed to die down with some well-organized gunshots taking over the place of well-organized chants and drum lines.  Machine guns, decreed acts of contrition, and sobbing for dead relatives rang all through the night, and well into the witching hours of the morning. I slept very well.

I have a name, but what does it matter? I am writing to me. I was forced into the personal assistant role after our Dearest Leader; Moses C. Frank came unannounced into my home high as a kite, and ordered I be taken into her Main Court for work. She reassured my parents that I would not be hurt and she would not come back and try or kill them. Just like that, I was taken in for lifelong servitude because she can and did. I think it would have gone over more smoothly if she had forced her way in with guns blazing and shot someone.  Moses was already covered in blood when she came to my house, so everyone just kept quiet as I asked if I could pack anything. Moses was spreading cocaine lines on my mother’s antique tea table when she said I could have two pairs of socks and one precious item. It was completely disgusting. I was taken in this way for work when my father has been looking for work on Continent 4 for three years. I cursed Moses’s name to the sky above, as I collected what I could. I kissed my mother and father goodbye as I met them out by the front door. It was as if Moses was shooing me away from my house with quickness. Moses told my parents that I could come back at any time I wanted to visit them, but when she needed me, I was her property at that moment. I was angry how she was referring to me, but deathly relieved that I still can hang out at home most of the time.

I was even more relaxed when I got in the car and saw Marsh there too. We use to hate each other with passion so deep, but all that did not matter as soon as I saw her face. I almost cried when I saw Marsh, I was so ecstatic to see someone I know, no matter how I knew that person. As charismatic as Moses was, she was a danger to our safety at that moment. People die in droves when Moses goes on multi-day drug benders.  Marsh told me that Moses has been up for two days doing cocaine and MDMA. That day, she was feeling gracious and stole various women and girls from different homes to work for her at her main residence. I don’t know why she choose us, but she did. Marsh and I were assigned roles as personal assistants. Which was awful, because they’re the ones who usually died the worst way. The last seven died because Continent 2 ran negative press about our continent and her as a leader.  We promised each other that we would do the best we can to keep each other alive. I was done being relaxed as soon as it hit me that I was Dear Leader’s personal assistant.That night in my room, I sobbed with fear pervading my mind.

The only good thing that came from that day was that my worst enemy became my best friend.

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