Pressures are tricks that spoil you rotten.

Likelihoods of situations you make up in your mind.

Falsehoods you believe, then act upon.

Rejection is perceived but it is not the reality.

Make it for what you think it is, because you are “use to this.”

Reality is two different things to the same person.

When they hurt their self-esteem like this.

One day, you’re on top of the world, the next your under.

Hurt them before they hurt you.

At least—-you think they are hurting you.

Reject them before they reject you.

At least—you think they are rejecting you.

Project insecurities and keep them away

It is what you do casually, it becomes every day,

They will not understand you that is why you keep them away.

They will not understand what you keep hidden at bay.