It is time to go up on stage, you been mandated a star now. The only rule is to make them proud; you belong to the public now.  They cite your thoughts as if you have personally spoken their truths-. They comment back they “feel you” as if you are the embodiment of the finest silk woven from words of gold.  A socially intellectual star is born. They demand codes you do not decipher yourself. They want it in messages that make clear that art is not peace but war; you still have a great responsibility to the community. Act One.

Your stardom will have followers issue ultimatums you take heed to their leadership. Your once celebrated ivory tower is now a prison of repressed thoughts and missed communication. Your image of the illustrious luminary based on communal feastings of intense imagery fantasized because of monetary gain in public deprecation. They only consider your activism based on their cozy thoughts.  After a while, it becomes less about the cause, and more about the spectacle you can deliver. Whether it speaks to their judgment or not. Eventually, a wayward soul misrepresents their importance while they have silent volunteers rush to their rise. They indirectly feed into other’s feelings of insignificance.  No one believes in killing his or her ideality off before cooking for consumption. Live feastings are the delectable taste of the constantly livid.  Spotlight on your act two, you are a star– remember?

The throws of activism porn are more about the center stage rather than the actual message heeded and taking into consideration to make good changes in society. The audience is in the rafters, but the players are looking for a show. No one wants to be on center stage but everyone loves the sighting as it grows. It is asking too much for those who tell you what to do and demand you think more of them than yourself to take their own misguided advice and make changes for themselves.  That is not in the script. Direction is mandatory for a show you did not audition for, but the public is here and they decide your activism galore.

A display they do not even end up watching, they demand more run of the seasons. A show that they think is too big for them; they want more complexity from the characters. A channel that does not even come on their cable subscription, they can engage in lively debates about. Not a search for the show on the internet, but they find a way to make use of their criticisms as if fresh perspectives were formulated from their synapse to the click of their mouse to tell you how to run their show

This is the zombie manifestation we idolize in movies and fear on our television screens, a new kind of mindless, and a new kind of show. Not for thinking, and not to be known.