People who say “There goes your friend” when they see someone they know you don’t like, also says the same thing to the person you don’t like. All in the name to hear some MESS.
They’re also the ones who have the MOST to say about you, under the guise of “friendship.” They only like you when you’re sharing in talking about someone. Then, turn around and tell others they’re thankful they’re not “drama-filled” or “petty” like you.
Because, they’re “adulting” with “better things to do..”. The only thing they’re trying to do is keep an image that even the best PR firms can’t quite make pop. They can’t because this snake has identity theft another personality that isn’t there own, but hey, it works for now (whom ever they trying too hard to impress). Shape shifting to fit the attitude that they want to display from their tower.  Some show what use you have for them when you make certain attitudes and behaviors not useful anymore.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I can’t with people who rather look ridiculous than real.
I believe some people are really friends, whether you win or lose, they still want you in your complete entirety. Some are just Fans, they relish in your “good”, as if they have been there since the beginning, then they take the upmost judgemental delight when you fail. Making sure there is distance between you and them.