So shade is shade. Let us forget about the stupid question, what would take up her time to do her job? Other than nothing. Kellyanne Conway bounced back and not only gathered the stupid question, but  shaded the entire existence out her co-workers before working with them. She said “Whelp, I’m the only one that’s going to get my job done, I don’t know about them over there with their extracurricular activities.” That kind of shade even reaches the depths of people that were minding their own business.

Even if you are not a fan of this administration, you have to admit that was hilarious. Even though, still, you don’t have to be a fan.
She came out as some people do with full intentions of bringing the mood in the room down. She did not care, she was just here to tell us this is her petty level for the next four years. Good or bad, depending how you see it, it’s going to be pretty up there too.

The interesting part is that no one took offense, because she said it with a smile on her face. Moreover, dammit, that is how it’s supposed to be done! As long as you have a pretty smile on your face, you can get away with saying anything horrible.  Cheers to the repressed. In a way, I guess. As i get to this point of the writing, why ask her how she will manage her time. Like the ones who play golf and cheat on their wives–just more efficiently.

Her little quip had me laughing till it hurt. That was a good one; I am interested in seeing what other kind of shady things she may say in the years to come. Too bad it may be less funny as time goes on.