Stella: 4

Stella: Three


A medium beautiful office is covered with wooden panels and wide open windows. The corners of the office are decorated with beatifically spotted pots, housing nice sturdy ferns and sitting chairs.

A beautiful YOUNG WOMAN sits behind a vast mahogany desk. A golden is perched like a hawk right above the woman as she mindlessly types away on the computer.

The woman looks up at the clock. Shakes her head and continues to type quickly.

The phone abruptly RINGS, startling the woman. She quickly composes her self and gets up to answer the phone.



The woman listen to the phone. Her smile quickly disappears.


Fine, let her in.

The Young Woman slams the phone and SIGHS as she stomps back to her desk.

she violently sits down.

Donna walks into the office and smiles.

The Yong Woman returns a shallow, fake smile.

Donna pulls up a chair from the corner, sits opposite of the young woman.



Please, have a seat, Donna.

Donna smiles at the woman will all her teeth showing. She keeps the plastered smile as she settles in.


I can read your mind.

The Young Woman impatiently scratches her neck in an exaggerated fashion.




MAGGIE, is that anyway to greet someone?


What the fuck do you mean?


Oh, you curse now?

Maggie shoots a chilling glance to Donna.



What are you doing here?



I think you know.


You’re looking for trouble.


I just looking for answers. You don’t text me back anymore. I almost think we were dating.

Maggie explodes up from her chair and flails wildly on her side of the room.

Donna trails Maggie’s movements with her eyes. Confused

Maggie paces the room with fury.


You don’t have any business being here. You have been expelled 3 years ago!

Maggie stretches her arms and starts to dynamically twist her upper body with her hands leveled at her shoulders.


You can’t stay away from this place. You want to keep hurting people because you don’t have anything do do.

Donna forces her chair to rock back and forth.


So, where are you hiding Father Mason?

Maggie chuckles and hoist her hands to level her shoulders.


Oh, is this a part of your whole fantasy world? Now, I have something to do with Father Mason’s disappearance?


You have something to do with his erections sometime ago. So, since you guys, are like…close

Maggie rocks her head back and forth. And grins wildly.

Maggie looks away and looks back at Donna with deathly disbelief.

Donna grabs her arm across her body and shrugs indifferently back at Maggie.


What do you want here?


I told you. I want to know where is Father Mason. He has to answer for Stella



Why are you here? For real.

Donna slowly gets up from her chair and saunters back to he back of the chair.


What the fuck, Donna!?


Don’t curse in the church.


Why are you here?


You know where he’s at.

Maggie closes her eyes ans shakes her head violently.

Donna squints her eyes at Maggie, confused.

Maggie starts HUMMING very loudly.

Maggie slaps Donna with an open hand.

Donna jerks a little and holds her cheek as she slowly rices to look at Maggie.

Donna returns a hard slap with her back hand, Maggie falls down hard onto the ground.

Donna sighs as she looks up to the sky. she looks to the side and smiles satisfactory.

Maggie MUMMERS on the ground

Maggie staggers back on to her feet. There is a small trail of blood coming out of her mouth.


(while gathering herself)

Well, fuck you, still


Where’s your boyfriend, Maggie?


Same place your dead mother is, Donna.

Donna is taken back.

Maggie smiles coy.

Donna shrugs and nods condescendingly.


That was nice, talking about my dead mother. We should sew it on a doll. Maybe put the message where your bother touched you. Do you visit him in prison? Or would that be another awkward first?

Maggie goes blank.


Haven’t you something better to do th-



–get yourself together, first.


Shut up

Maggie ruses over to the mirror pinned by the door and looks at her face with concern.

Maggie stows away quickly to get a cloth, and retuns to the mirror, she gently dabs the dried blood on her mouth.

Donna starts to impatiently breath in and out.


When was the last time you spoke to him?

Maggie does not return to look at Donna. She starts to dab dried nothing on her face, but keeps dabbing gently a away, obsessively.


What are you talking about



When was the last time you spoke to him?

Maggie turns around with furor.



Donna quick hops towards Maggie.

Maggie turns to Donna with her chest slightly puffed out.

The two women are close enough to kiss.


Don’t be shy.


I’m not shy, I’m standing right here.

The two share in some silent posturing.

Donna backs up, very slowly.

Maggie relaxes her shoulders and stares Donna down.


Like, i was saying.

Maggie pumps a little more proud in her voice


I haven’t seen Father Mason since Stella disappeared.


You’re acting super weird about this. The news said you were the last person to see him.

Maggie gives Donna an “oh, is that so?” look and begins to chuckle rhythmically flat.


What channel was that on? Never News or Liars at Nine?.


Your interview with Bobba Harty

Maggie looks at Donna in disbelief.


I didn’t lie.

Donna shrugs her shoulders “so be it”.


OK, if you say so.

Maggie shakes her head. She had enough.


You’re going to hold on to that!?


You, Father Mason, and the poor soul that dead somewhere.

Maggie curls her lips and shakes her dead at Donna in a disappointing manner.


Whatever makes you feel better…

Maggie motions to the door.


…please leave. This is getting super destructive and going no where. I have nothing to say about what’s going.

Maggie throws her hands up in the air and is fluffed with confusion.

Donna half laughs at Maggie. Donna proceeds to head for the door.


I’ll leave, but I’ll come back, and you’ll just ask me to leave again, and I will. The cycle will continue. Just like your broken home.



Let it be known, I have nothing to hide

Donna continues to walk, unfazed toward the door.

Maggie shuffles papers on her desk, nervously.


(voice breaks)

Nothing to hide.

A TALL DARK MAN appears at the door, blocking Donna from the exit. They share an crash run in. Donna shuffles to the side.

He sullenly looks at Donna and nods.

Donna stops in her tracks and looks up at the man in a disgusted, but lustful manner.

Donna returns a welcoming nod with a cracked smile.

The Man wipes his forehead and approaches Maggie’s desk carefully.

Maggie eyes trace the man from the bottom up.

the man shoots a distrusting eye to Donna.

Donna quickly averts her gaze

The Man returns Maggie and leans in closer



They arrested Father Mason.

Donna peers from the background.

Maggie watches Donna and returns to the little powowo with the man.


For true?

The Man stiffly nods his head.


They found him at Rodanda.

Maggie breaths an expletive and stomps her feet.


Donna shifts her eyes back and forth. She perks her lip a little bit.

Donna quietly tries to lean in.

PAN:back to man and a Maggie


Ok, thanks. Leave.

The Man Scurries out.

The door SLAMS shut

Maggie sinks worried into her desk with her gaze.

Donna squints her eyes and approaches Maggie’s desk.


I’m going to read what he whispered to you in the paper, so it’s not a real secret. Bye, slut.

Donna puffs her chest out and smiles at Maggie. She leaves the office.

Maggie sits back on her chair and looks around her office.

Maggie throws her head on her desk. While her head is down, she reaches for her purse on the floor and grabs her phone.

Maggie dials on her smart phone and puts the phone to her ear.

Maggie waits for a few seconds for a ring and she checks her nails.


(Oh Phone)

Josie, Mason has been arrested.

Maggie shakes her head “yes” and rises to click away on her computer as she is listening on the phone.


(On phone)

Ok, well. My advice to you is to get a lawyer and keep your mouth shut.

Maggie abortively hangs up the phone.

Maggie continues to focus her sights on the computer.


(to herself)

These are cute shoes.

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