2:21 a.m.


Falsely flatter my heart

Does he love me like me

Does his heart throb like mine?

Is the resentment in twine?

I remember the spot where we met

The meeting he confessed he regrets.


Harsh ramblings on repeat

“He hates you and you’re weak”

Cold concrete molded in stairs

Defenseless, naked and bear.

His friends criticisms round me lay

Condoned in silent play

Wondering does he love me

Confessed regrets he made.


I think of him by day

Does he love me?

The dreams are hellish and strayed,

Dashed hopes and sun gazed.

I thought of this

Life made of gist.

It is not made of this

Regrets, confessed.


Absence has no pain

Confession was the gain.

No repeats in my name

My rapture was greeted

In vain

He never loved you.

It’s sane.