So here, a little play i have, I tthink its floating somewhere around my page, but the body is here so I can add on to it as the story goes a long. Have fun reading.

Int. Josie and Donna’s apartment, San Francisco, night


Josie(24), brown, medium build. is watching television casually sprawled out in her underwear.

She laxly reaches over her head to try to pat the couch for the remote.

she keeps patting over her head, opposite arm behind her. she still cannot locate the remote.

she SIGHS.

Josie repositions herself and gets up. Pushing her stomach out to stretch.







(Annoying whimper)

Where is the remote!?



I don’t know, dude, check under the table.

Josie slops over to look under the table.

She locates the remote.

Josie grins satisfactorily, she positions herself back to her former state of slop.

DONNA (25), female, brown, skips into the room and crashes down onto the couch, landing with her hands in between her thighs, her face fixed on Josie.


(looks up)

Do you ever plan on getting a job?

Josie smiles gingerly.

Donna leans in to grab the remote.


I mean…you just can stay here all depressed over nothing right?

Donna starts to relax herself and flips the channel.

Josie looks at her dead in eye and GROWLS.

Donna turns her head, surprised.


(cocks head to the side)

Did you just growl?


No, I’m expressing my support for your input by giving you low, frequency waves under my breath–Yes, I did growl, you’re messing up my thing i have going on here.

Josie circles her arms in an exaggerated manner.


(rolls eyes)

And what is that thing?

Josie rolls her eyes, as she reaches for the remote.

Josie starts to flip the channel.


That thing that does not involve you here, messing up my “depression” with your input.

Josie tosses the remote without warning.



Since you seem to know everything, why don’t you locate me your half of the rent?


I’ll locate you you’re rent, when you locate me the past two months of the water bill.


Are you sure i owe you water, or did you sniff that portion up your nose?


That portion you snorted all of you mean?


Still no word on missing teenager Stella Grant, official says she was last seen with her principal, Father Martin Mason. Police say, if you see or know anything about these two people’s whereabouts, please call the hot line listed on your screen

The two girls are stunned silent.


Next, we will be check that bear sighting, what that means for your weekend, coming up after commercials.

Donna and Josie mirror the same uneasy look to each other.


So, she is still missing huh?


(clears throat)

Afraid so.


Do you think Father Ma–



No. Don’t you go there, and don’t you start with that shit, you know he would never do something like that. He was one of the coolest teachers at that stupid school. Why would he do that to a student. Stop being paranoid.



Oh, come on!

Donna throws her hands in the air frustratingly.


He wasn’t cool, that guy was a sick freak. he was a stalker. Even you

Donna stabs her finger out to Josie


Even you had issues with him. remember when he tried to get you to–

Josie violently gets up from the couch



Dude, shut up. Don’t go there

donna holds her hands up to surrender.

Donna slides back carefully onto the couch.



I’m sorry, I’m wasn’t trying to be–this thing or that thing–i was just trying to say–for the sake of Stella. I hope where ever she is she is still alive and safe.

Josie gives Donna an evil eye and walks out of the room.

Donna slings, comforts herself into the chair and flips the channel.


(to herself, out loud)

Mannnn…i don’t give a damn, that guy was a nut bag and was (little louder) Everything wrong about the Church.

Donna flips popcorn into her mouth and continues to watch television.


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