This is in excess, so let me overshare.

Stand in my mirror for a second; let me tell you a little about me.

I have “drug dealer’s girlfriend” tendencies. (I learned that phrase from one of my favorites). Meaning, your interest is my interest and I am not the kind to be interested in your drugs, I am more intrigued with how you deal with your vices[i]. Therefore, I cannot have you out here embarrassing me. Like a good one, I will help you out. (Nevertheless, cross me, and I cancel you.) There is no point having you out here looking stupid just because I do not want to have an unconfutable fight with you. I rather fight, like most ratchets.

So like a good ratchet, friend, girlfriend, wizard, coach, nobody, acquaintance, and enemy. I have you let you know about infiltrators. Open your eyes.  Duh, we know not everyone likes us, but this is not about everyone, this is about whom you argue and disagree with. People who are your friends or something like a friend to an extent.

You have to watch whom you vent to and what you make of that venting session. Yeah, there is that old phrase that “a listening ear is also a running mouth”. . Many infiltrators use your feeling and emotions against you. They disguise themselves as neutral parties in your life, think of a friend who is also friends with your enemies, or people you simply cannot get along with.  Not saying they cannot be. Just take special note of what they say about people they know you do not care for. If it is always in the form of gossip, you are being talked about to no end when you are not around. You mean absolutely nothing to this person, by the way. You are someone to be there to crap on when they need an exciting storyline with their other fiends.  Neutral parties pick a side depending on whom they are around.  You can be a ‘sensitive, caring person’ when you are around, and a person ‘who’s always playing victim’ when someone else is bashing you.

The infiltrators masked as contrarians cannot be trusted. You have to watch out for who proclaims popularity as the “underdog”, only to flip then they always seem to be on top with the winning team. When it comes to your downfall, they are always going to stick with the winning team. Expose and leave the ones who always have to make you a part of their apology. The ones who say, “I’m sorry, BUT…” then have a criticism for you. I cannot have you out here with people who get bold then fold. On the other hand, they are only bold when it has all right to fold.

Think of the ones who like to proclaim they have been in or out since the beginning.   Think if you can even track to their beginning. Ever wonder, “Where did this new found (whatever) come from?” when dealing friend (well, infiltrator, if you ask me) has the middle and end been switched with their beginning? Spies do not care where their story begins, as long as you believe the story, and as long as you so do casually.

The best time you been fooled are when you said nothing while the infiltrator exposed themselves . The pattern of speech did not add up to the overall message but you did not say anything, you kept going on with the friendship. After a while, an infiltrator can be anyone they choose to be. They even mask themselves as you, while bashing you for being you. As long as you do not speak about the holes in their stories, they are always going to have a hole in their loyalty.  You are not a friend, you are a character, you are not even a person, and you are a “type” of person.  You are a hero or a villain depending on how they see your use. Human beings have been reduced to tools and means for the longest, but not everyone, and you have to be careful.

Finally, take special note to those who demand they compete where they do not fit in.  People are expendable because they make themselves out to be. It is up to you to not accept the opinions from those you did not ask for. You cannot waste time making yourself clear to someone who wants to feel counted where they didn’t even belong in the first place.  Not everyone has to count, and not everyone is going to count. Therefore, what is the point of making someone feel like they belong, when they can never make the same curtness available to you?

Watch out for infiltrators.

I’m out.

[i] That is not how my favorite YouTube reviewer ‘4itsrox’ defines it, but it is how I define it.