To Ciara

Let us chat about Ciara

OK let me say this. Ciara reminds me of the girl everyone had a horrible rumor about, but was never actually there to validate the rumor. Like, her being a hoe was like a legend, cuz no one could confirm that they smashed, but the rumor was still firm that she was a hoe.

Like everyone would say, “Oh, that girl is mean” but when she would be around, she is super nice and chill, but everyone still wants to say that she is mean. Yeah, Ciara reminds me of that kind of girl.

What did she do to everyone? I remember trying to mimic her matrix dance when “Goodies” came out, and she was called a man back then. Like, everyone said she was a Man, remember that?

…so after being called a man, “Promise” came out, and we were all air humping chairs and shit, she was then called a jersey chaser because of her string of bad relationships with NBA players. Heck, even one went with her for a while, only to break up with her to go back to his baby’s mother. After that, we drug her for hell. That is when everyone started calling her Ci-error.

Oh yeah, she was fighting with a crackish Rihanna at the time, so I guess that did not help, but still.

…So fast-forward to Future fucking up some comma, and smoking hookah with her. She was called all types of crazy for getting with known Trap Extraordinaire, while making nice with his tribe of baby mommas. Even then, we were all smacking our lips to “I bet”, contemplating if she is sneaking dissing Blac Chyna because of the lyrics. Moreover, we were here for it. However, this was all around the time we were still bashing her for getting pregnant by Future and blamed her for their subsequent end of their engagement…

…So now, she gets with all around Marketable Nice Guy Russel Wilson, he accepts her child and loves her enough to put a ring on it, wait to put his peen in it, and show her off to any and every public outing their publicist gets them hyped for, And we are not even happy about that. Even worse, is the hate she getting currently form lames and dick panderers alike for getting pregnant by her husband, Her husband who loves her, and he son, and her ability to dance and all around look good..

Is it bad that she manifested what we all slave to “you deserve better girl” memes. We accept that we deserve true love in the end by the way of meme and internet bullshit from relationship social media experts, but not for any woman in real life.  Are we that jaded and faded these days that witnessing true love is an issue. It is an issue because we rejected anything and everything to believe in. just because you feel like you need to pretty on it, by clicking likes and typing “amen” well dammit, Ciara got her Amen in real life. Be happy about that.

I never thought of such miserable begins, and we all read what I wrote about my high school days. Like stop it.

It is as if the same people that are hard up on Ciara are the same ones that will chase dick for validation on Tinder

Or the same ones who get mad when women ignore there subpar attempts at being “on their side” (yeah, you trash ass hoe, I’m talking about you)

I just do not get it, why cannot we see this as a real life Disney fairytale that we market other things to be.

Beyoncé is clearly in the throes of her daddy issues with Jay Z, and if you listened to B’day, you would know that this Lemonade is only the continuation of some real issues, but we still see them and automatically stamp, “relationship goal.”

How is this not goals? “At first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”, Aaliyah said it. I quote Aaliyah, because Ciara and she are on the same singing level.

Have a great day.