To be ever “so political”

W are the stars of this production. We cast two villains, to play one hero, or one hero and one villain have been chosen cast, or two heroes and one have to play villain, because the studio, and the actor’s comeback, depends on this.

Political productions keeps publicist working. Crash courses in public relations are the driving force in our passive aggressive nature of showing our hands while throwing rocks, or voting.*lame drums* Still, I find political runs for office juicy in how they mirror tragic, drama plays. The delectable taste of a hero fighting a villain for the greater good for the people, for the republic,  washing speeches of ending corruption and  fighting poverty down your throat is something soothing, to where you lie your social issue pillow depending on that one hope that history can say, ‘this person made things a little better’.  We are still searching for that hero, that mega captain in a business suit. Frankly, the diplomat that does not exist, but we baldly take up for the next manifested caricature in who we vote for, depending on where you like to tip your hat.

This election for me is like a play that should have ended a few acts ago. This election has been more feeling evoking than thought provoking.  The focus on whom they are as figures in the spotlight, rather than where they stand and how consistent they are when expressing and acting on their political motivations.

Their ideas and solutions do not matter as much as their “celebrity” matters. Just like whomever gets the Oscar is not the actual winner, it’s who’s public relations camp did the better branding and positioning of that performer. We are choosier with Academy Award winners than we are with publicly elected officials in office.

This election is a battle of projection versus deflection.  You do not want to be known as ‘that person’ so you are going to go along rules and guidelines that will curtail presentation of ‘that kind of person’.  The election has been a focus of what one wants to be seen ‘as’ rather than who the person actually ‘is’. It is as if this election is a live-action character study of the person you present yourself in public, and the person you are in private. How much of the actual you do you let slip out on a daily basis? Can you say it is the real person, or do you fight to keep things inside sometimes?  It is a live battle of whatever Jungian anima you have mixed feelings with now. Spread out over a course of time, like a movie that should have ended a long time ago.

Dualism is the name of the game with this election, also. Two mask of the same person. The dark and the light, every single archetype defined, twisted and toiled depending on what political talking head you like. This is what we demand from melodramatic plays. We, as the audience demand an emotional connection to the character. Why do we want this person to win, alternatively, lose? What can us, as spectators unseen, gain from watching this dogmatic performer go through self-inflicted McCarthyism in order to gain our vote. Like a character in a film or play, or whatever, we want the character to be relatable.  The election steps up the festering demand for entertainment more than the demand for civil servitude. This election gives us emotional turmoil that we want to see others go through as we gently judge from the rafters. Every cutaway scene in this election depicts the other side of voters and why their swayed a certain way, gives the other side a different flavor of thanking some type of goodness that they are “not like them” or “at least I don’t think that way”. This election has turned critical thinking on issues and the lasting implications they can have on society, to mindless following based on feeling as if one is better than the other is.

This is not meant to sway you in thinking one politician is better than the other, I think we have made that clear form the type of information we share about the election through our social media, and friend,  who we are set to go and vote for November 8th.

I just think we have all enveloped ourselves in a reality show, where everyone can be seen and heard and this election is the manifestation of our newly beckoned voyeuristic society.