Going into competition with other girls, either in secret or outload is a waste of time. Seeing how most of these who do it girls are empty and bored, they need to do something to pass time, so why not cut each other down from time to time. What is a little backstabbing between friends?
It is a lot.

Because it is not fair.


Community Service time: Friends

It is coming to a point where I can spot a tramp that has nothing to do with her but befriend girls she is secretly jealous of.  You can spot those kinds of losers by the way the point out things about their “targets” in public, with their backhanded compliments, it is all in the backhanded compliments, to me. It is not as if it is only in my vision, it is like a dark cloud everywhere. There are a lot more discussion of people wondering if the friends they have are really their friends. It a dark time when you have to wonder why the vibe is going from open to nosey. To “how is everything” to “you think you’re…”

I had a girlfriend I will call Krakatoa she once told me that, “guys only like your body, and not your face.” My initial reaction was “what the fuck?” then as time went on, she would have more and more underhanded things to say, it was getting to a point where I had to question why she would get so amped to tell people that she was my friend, but at the same, she would cut me down. All in the name of saying, “we’re friends”

I do not have any psychological, philosophical thing to make of what her motives where sort anything things like that. In general, it is awkward to have super insecure friends. It makes you look insecure as hell too. Even though everyone is insecure to an extent, you want to be around people that make you feel good and want to do better for yourself. Not remind you of your insecurities all the time. If everyone is miserable about himself or herself, no one has the time to notice miserable people are taking them advantage of them.

There has to be a point in one’s life that makes it known that that person is a letdown. Most likely, those people would gaslight you, or make it seem like you have mistaken. Nevertheless, as long as you make your point known, as clear and concise as possible, you do not have to keep hush or explaining yourself.

I had to learn at a very early age that what others think about my looks is completely irrelevant, because no one ever thinks much about my looks, that is not a pity party ting to say, but what is looks? It is subjective to the next, and what you think of yourself is more important of what others may think of you. If you think you are beautiful, what does it matter if others think you are ugly? On the other hand, if you think you are ugly, it does not  matter to you if people think you are beautiful. Therefore, you have to gain that sense of self-first.

I also would advise you to watch for friends who demean you for doing the same things they do. Hypocrites do not prosper for having fun with. I have another example, let us call her marble bug. Marble Gut had the tendency (I see it as the audacity, but moving along) to demean other girls by calling them sluts, and whore for—well letting loose the same way she did. She was no better than the girls she was calling out for because of what she saw was “provocative” behavior. She use to go in for the win too, and as she was calling other girls sluts, and whores, I wondered why she is always putting down someone for things she does too.

I did not like it, she use to complain about people doing the same things she did. I use to think, she has her nerve to call someone a slut, I have seen her fuck a person because he told her she was pretty, all she got was a wet pussy and hurt feelings. If she is lucky.

It makes no fucking sense to me whatsoever. If you do something, do not put someone else down for doing it.  Now if you want to tell them a “don’t go chasing waterfalls” moment, they by all means, tell them to get use to the rivers and the lifestyle they know.

We all have our things that are annoying about us, but it is important to surround yourself with people who really want to see you win. It is not fair to anyone to keep friends around that make him or her feel worse off than if they were alone, it is not fair. However, the element of breaking up with a friend is much harder than breaking up with a mate. But abusive friendships are just that, abusive and you don’t want to make yourself available to someone that cuts you down, then manipulates you into thinking that’s what a friendship is

It is important to keep it real with  your friends, but if all you are doing is nagging and putting down your friend, you are being abusive. In addition, I hope you can open your eyes and get the help you need, you abusive friend.

You should not feel bad after hanging out with friends. That is all.