Perception Detection

Perception is like grazing as you eat your wheat and drink your milk, but at the same time, you are still hungry for something different. Yet, you still crave the wheat and milk because you do not want to change, Not that you do not want to change but the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality is there. Stagnant, but it works. The key is staying safe, and safety is the key. It is as if we have to make ourselves standout by reducing ourselves to mundane hashtags.

It is now standard to see people cheaply market, or sell, the idea of self-purpose. People rather aggressively sell themselves as[1] who they are rather just being who they are. Who you are is now seen as an imitation of a celebrity, who has been designed by a committee, another hashtag. Being who you are is scary now. Wanting to be different yet, clinging to the same archaic ideas of self that no longer serve a purpose for growth. One can put up there is a change in life on social media, while still doing the same things they secretly resent about themselves due to not knowing how to begin to change themselves.

My teachings in perception can have me seeing so much and not so much at the same time.  What if we are so focused on the change that we are not changing, or we are so interested in staying the same that we are changing? You can still be subjective when you are trying to stay as objective as possible… We use language to move things right along, as officers do in campy television shows. However, it is hard to use a definitive label to show people who we are soul wise. It is watered down because we use general labels that can mean sweeping variances to different people. It is too much to understand what the outside thinks of you, and then you look to the outside to set in stone your personality. Confirmation bias plays a key in developing one’s self, but at what expense are we so focused on the ‘out’ that we do not understand or internalize what we like and see from within. As of we do not recognize ourselves in the mirror but we know ourselves better than anyone else. Independence brought by social conditioning.

[1] When I make this claim, I want you to think of like someone photo shopping. It is like having a Photoshop personality; people are striving for the staging of a personality set or trait rather than actually being what they are selling, such as the personality set or trait. For example, someone saying that they are adventurous, but really, they are not.