It’s An Award.


Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize as Bob Dylan deserves the Nobel Prize in Literature. When you say that aloud, you automatically think “how?” right? I could be on an island with this one.

I am still waiting for someone to shout “HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!” As that person should have done to Obama in 2009. I am still waiting.

The petty in me thinks the Nobel Pageant Judges have been playing fast and loose with some of these nominations like groupies play fast and loose during NBA All-Star Week. On the other hand, I bet campaigning for the Nobel Prizes are the same kind of campaigning that goes on for the Oscar bids and wins, which mirror political elections. Tough stuff.

I do not want to take away from Bob Dylan’s accomplishment. The raw talent to transcend into the realm of being recognized by the academic community just says he is, about that prose life, while strumming on his guitar, concisely. I just think; how this hat trick pulled off (and out)?

To me, it sounded like it was from a reality show when the news announced Bob Dylan won.  I thought Mona Scott Young had a hand in this. I thought, “Alright Mona, dammit, I need you to get this storyline together.” However, it was real. I said “Oh” as if I discovered a new app on my smartphone.  It was like discovering a new life hack, that kind of “Oh”.

I wonder who submitted Bob Dylan’s music lyrics for consideration. Was it his publicity camp or did someone randomly Google him and was in awe that no one seemed to discover this virtuoso before? Perhaps someone was listening to Bob Dylan’s music in the car, and had life altering moment while taking that Sunday drive by the pier and thought, you know what; I have to get this to the Nobel people.

Alternatively, someone or some intern thought of this in marking and the board loved it; everyone is paid while bringing attention to the Nobel Prize award show. Remember, December kicks off award show season. Moreover, the designers start fashion week at and around the same time for a reason. This could be another way to get people interested for ratings. In addition, since intelligence can be commodified and restricted to a mainstream trending topic these days, this can be a great way for companies to segue a market that does not watch television often. Unfounded advertising dollars are like gold in them hills. No better way to get people excited about something they did not think they would be excited about.

I also think, “So no one else huh? Was everyone else so trash[1] they decided to pull from music?  Alternatively, is Bob Dylan so brilliant that it is evident in his music? It is not that I do not feel he deserves this honor, I am just wondering how the Nobel Pageant Judges got their hands on his music to make this decision. How did this happen? Was it Yo Gotti style in the DMs? I know it is not a pageant—well, for dummies like me— but I feel ‘Nobel Pageant Judges’ fits better. You do have to parade something about yourself to win. In this case, your body of academic prowess.

I hope to wrangle the Nobel Prize in literature form someone’s old, confused “she doesn’t even go here” fingers someday. I will even take a participant’s ribbon, at least, as long as I get a nod to come to the function.  Someone is going to have to give me something that I can flex on social media. Err, I mean cherish. I have dreams of bring the whole trap with me on stage as I thank everyone from my Creator, to POP for holding it down, even though they don’t know me

Side Note: I feel like Bob Dylan’s win would not be complete without Kanye West making this about himself. I think once Kanye says “Me too”, and everyone turns their attention on what is and how it will involve Kim, forgetting the reason why we came to the party in the first place, if you know what I’m saying. To me, you have made it full circle. You are famous.

With this recent triumph, Mr. Dylan is a continuing example of everything amazing about music and literature that I am not deep enough to write.  However, I will say this has made everyone recognize the musical literary prodigy that is Bob Dylan.

Nevertheless, this one is weird to me.









[1] Now, not that the literary greats in contention were trash, but let us try to keep it light, the fact that there’s a footnote note that im saying this in jest.