Gym Thots #1

Some Gym Thoughts:
I hate when I overhear trainers making fun of people working out. These trainers have their effing nerve. the way some snobbishly act like their better than everyone else because of the title under the nametag. I wonder what got them into training in the first place? I always want to know where do they get these people?
I notice that trainers that did not play sports growing up always have the most to say. THE ABSOLUTE MOST TO SAY ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. Now, before someone jumps down my throat: I’m generalizing my own experience let me put that disclaimer there before someone fusses at me.
I don’t see why I can’t troll and trash a trainer’s workout when they’re trolling and trashing people that are doing something for themselves. If I can make to troll time on the computer, I can make the time in person.
Girls who use to say, “Thank God I don’t have to work out, “I’m already thin”, “Working out is overrated” are now talking like their Jane Fonda, exercise extraordinaire. I wonder what got them in the game. Clearly they are operating under duress *Kanye shrug**side eye*. I cannot stand people who do things because they feel left out they cannot brag about it. Do not give me tips when you’re new to this and I’ve been true to this, because I then I start to go in depth and you come up with nothing for me other than a changed subject with a lame brag about the last guy you were seeing
I hate when people say “we” when it comes to weight loss, No, you mean “You” Just because I don’t fit your mold doesn’t mean you can lump me in your clay.
For me, nah. I remember when I was a thin mint in track and field in high school and college. Squatting 190lbs was so hard for me and not even talk about clean and jerks, and snatches—those where the devil, it was so difficult. I had to be the end of the season, championship mode for even a sliver of 190 that to work. Now, that I am older, softer and the only running I do is to catch up with the ice cream truck, Squatting 305 is like, nothing at all, it is like I am taking a walk in any relaxing scenario you can think of. People have goals that are different, but just because that is your goal, does not make it (hashtag) goals for everyone else. Workout to be thin all you want, but don’t say “We,” I don’t like that. That’s me saying “Our goal is to be in the 1000 pound club” you look at me crazy, but that’s my goal.
Things are different when you have to do it versus when you want to do it.