My neighbor has a lot of cats, and even though they are skittish, I think they are kind of cool. They all walk around and sleep all day. That is cool. But they are everywhere. I think there is such thing as having too much cats.

Everyone is done with school, even the ones who lagged behind graduating. I think it’s good that everyone gets to grow and finally touch themselves for a bit. I think people become older versions of their natural selves. We get older, but our little tinks and winks are the same. We go, learn, and experience new things, but something will always make you smile or feel yucky.

I had times that I tried too hard to fit in and show that I cared, but I found out hard ways that no one cares. I should relax. I think I should get interested in caring what I think about me more than others, but that’s’ hard.  Every other month, one magazine says that you are confident, the next month; the magazine says that you need confidence. Magazines present confidence is like cats; sometimes it is relaxed and going about its own way personifying elegance, grace and class, the next minuet, its hissing, spitting, and hiding. But the warnings signs are there that it was starting to get upset when it started to violently swish its tail.  There are always little triggers. Cats and confidence are togerther but separate.

I hope I get better next year. Everyone says the same thing about high school, that it is restricting. So now that we don’t have to, I guess everyone can be themselves more and more.  Everyone can find one thing they can do well and do it more, even if that means changing.

Noting to do tomorrow, but there is more to do later in the future, I’m glad it’s over. The summer is going to be a toss-up. I want to get out more, I hope I can make a few things new and work, but who knows.

All I know is I can finally think about other things.