I think there are some cool things about Oak Grove

I was admiring some of the popular girls today. Like it is amazing how they kept four years of being nice and well liked, you can go to any group and no one says anything bad about them.

I think that is great because there are so many that are willing to turn on you like that.

What is nice is that when I was talking to some of the track people from other schools, they were saying how their popular girls are mean and vengeful. I was nodding my head in agreeance so I was not left out of the conversation. But In reality, I know that the popular girls are nice and they don’t pay attention to people they don’t like. They’re not out being outwardly mean to people. Not like me when I try too hard to be cool.

Then again, most of the girls that I find popular are my friends. I do not have anything bad to say or think about them.  Despite fake people here, none of my true, true, true friend s given me a reason to feel left out or alone really.

I consider my friend group, like a Mafia family, we have the core, and = a ton of associates. You know what we were about but you knew you were not one of us. Not in the mean way, buts in the way that it was all of us. The real ones to be exact, not the ones who came in and were laughing while shooting the peace sign because the season or weather was great, but the real ones.

There are popular girls that I do not hang out with, but I really like how nice they are. Like Stephanie is always pleasant.  She has always been nice ever since elementary school, Most of the Cheerleaders are actually nice. Of course, there are few, like Drumstick. If there are 39 cheerleaders and seven of them suck, then still, they are. They are not like how the media makes cheerleaders to be mean or malicious. I do not know what goes on in their world, but they are nice to me.

But it is just great to have my friends, it is like what makes me feel big and important knowing I have big and important friends that everyone is fond of.  Like Katie, everyone and their mother love Katie. And it is not hard to see why, she’s pretty, nice, great singer, and she makes everyone feel like they “belong”. You can feel left out hanging with me, but you can never feel left out hanging with Katie and her Crew With all those gifts, she hasn’t let her popularity go to her head. Just like Veronica, Jameice and Jessica. All three are the prettiest girls at the school, and they are so nice and willing to help me if I need it. It’s great. Ariana can sing and dance her butt off. Now that think of my friends, we did not highlight her talents as much as we should have as a whole

Say, you have the stars of campus, the central JHova crew is stars on campus like and someone was to ask me about them. Like the public relations manager I just tell them “no comment” while giving them a “you’re one of the No’s so you don’t get to know” it is great how I see people fall and fawn for my friends.

Importance, if anyone wants to be anything around here. It is important to get flor to respect you. If she does not like you, it is one thing, but if she does not respect you, then forgets about hanging around the island. The one of the few girls that I have noticed at that have most of the boys completely terrified of a destroyed reputation.  They all feel the same (inside terror) way about Amanda, Nellsy, and Anya. Safiya and Big Becca most of the people drool after, and their outright unavailability makes it even more awesome, because they can look but none of them can touch. Plus, they always keep everyone smiling whether it is looks or humor. So that is also something to celebrate that gift others have

I see many people do anything they can to make all of my friends happy. As it should be.

Even the boys here, I have cool boys that are strictly my friends. They never tried to make me feel weird for having them as friends, and they never seemed ashamed to talk to me in public like some of the others do,. But even they have many girls that swoon over them, and even they give me daps on campus. It is nice to know there are nice boys that can be friends with you.  Marcus, Joe Nahhh and Travis are cool, even the twins David and Joseph are very down to earth. And no one really talks about how funny Aris is, but he is hilarious.

And of course, Carlo. But I do not consider him a boy that is strictly my fiend. He is in circle. It is a little sad because we are leaving him alone on campus next year, but he will be fine. Of course, there are featured guest stars that are juniors that I like them, a lot. But Carlo has not caused rifts in my crews, so that has a bonus with it.

I could not imagine not having the friends that I do. The amount that I am made fun of by outsiders. Imagine if I did not have cool friends to make it seem like I was sheltered a little bit. I think high school would have been a lot harder for me to get through.  Like if I had other friends that were not as popular and more resentful about life, or if I played sports and was not good at it. I would be in so much trouble around here.

All my friends sing, dance, and play sports. The yearbook should have been called Oscars. How the same small group of people are all over it. It is as if we all were congratulating ourselves through our achievements. Our friends highlighting our friends, That’s basically what the yearbook was.


I hope after I graduate and get more grown up, I will still find ways to praise my good friends.


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