Last Rally of the year

I did not like whom I was paired up with at for the fun dance we did as seniors, but that is not important. I heard he touched himself at a retreat, and here I have to dance with him, gross.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun doing it, from planning, set up, and execution it was all met with laughs and fun. It was nice to see everyone come together for our last, hurray as seniors.

I wonder if anyone feel a little sad that they won’t get to do this again, well they can, but not with all of us like this again.

I came in being known as my brother’s sister, and I am leaving known as my sister’s older sister. And that works for me just fine.  Association will always work for me, all to the end.

I think it was only sad because people are leaving, like for real leaving to schools in other states, and it is sad.

Some people are leaving, like for real leaving.  This place was hard, but I feel like everyone is coming out of here a little stronger, a little better. More secure about them, you have to be. I think its hard being here, whether it’s from the students, teachers, or family, it’s hard.  Its hard being a teenager, I think it’s really hard nothing is settled the mind or body yet.

Some older woman was saying that it was hard being a teen when she was a teenager. I thought everyone was groovy in the 60’s so I was a bit shocked to hear that old people had the same problems we have as young people. I thought the worst of her situation was loyalty oaths and McCarthyism.

What I always wanted from this place was real exit interviews.  Like a way for anyone to ask someone if “it was worth it”

Was it worth it? What if we got a special place in the yearbook that someone could say what they felt about this pace without reservation of being judged?

I think this rally and how it came together and ended was worth it. I think I can give my high school experience a B overall, but it was a dragging C before this. It was as if everyone had the idea to let go and have fun, we will never get to do this again. We will never get to rally and cheer in a school sponsored event with all of us again. I am trying to burn the smiles and lit up faces in my mind.  It was nice to see everyone happy.

It worked for me when I was a little sad after school and thought about the rally today, I was not so sad anymore.