Crushes can burn. It burns to have a crush. It is a sensation when they come around. I think two things that make me go silent are mean people and boys. Cute boys. Boys who like to do things with themselves. and others. You know, there all around.  The feeling is like a nice toy that came with no directions and you have to call a hard interpreter for the correct parts. But you never get the parts, but you know the order has been filled. It’s fun, just like that.

It is not for access but I watch relationships all the time in movies. I wonder if they will ever do a movie when the relationship falls apart or get stronger. Some of the movies make boys seem like yuck.

I like the Movie “She’s all that” but what I didn’t like is how these boys were interested in Janey after they bet on her. It’s actually mean if you think about it: she wasn’t worth time or attention after the human “joke” cleaned up. After she was pretty, they got really in love when they found out she was pretty and artsy. It is like pretty woman, but for teenagers. Pretty woman is risky because she was a prostitute. Pretty woman is a jazzier version of Henry James’ novel Portrait of a Lady. I wonder where prostitutes look like Julia Roberts, maybe in Las Vegas or Scottsdale, Arizona. if there are prostitutes that look like Julia Roberts, I think she would somehow still make her way out of being a woman of the night and in Hollywood.  On the other hand, the thing for a beautiful prostitute that has not destroyed herself with drugs is a “silent but beautiful” famous person’s partner. Like how it ended in Pretty Woman. She will not sassy him in public, but she will give ‘that’s the clean ho way’ in private speech that would inspire him to still make millions. It’s a restricting life, but safe, she won’t have to sell herself anymore.

I wonder what it would be like, but I don’t want to do it because I don’t want to it seems like too much work and it would involve prostitution, and that’s not a good thing.. But I was watching SuperStar cry today. It was sad because she usually is not that emotional or animated, I think she is too cool for emotions, but today, she was emotional afterschool.  she was begging and pleading with ManDerp. I did not know why.  but he was not looking at her and kept facing away from her. she would grab on to his shirt, and he would rip it away and sit with his back toward her. He seemed upset, and I was wondering, if he was that upset with her, why not get up and walk away? Instead of sitting around and having her claw at him as she begged for forgiveness, I never heard the word “please” so much, it was really sad. I wonder what happened, but from what it looked like, she must have done something unforgivable, because they are not together anymore.

I think he should have forgiven her, because he is drinking top-notch booze in a hobo sippy cup at this point. It is looks regal, but it is foolish. Forgive her or walk away, stop making a scene. That is what the drama club is for; to help you be a better actor, but ManDerp continues to go rouge with is acting skills. He would be good at acting. Right now he pretends he was a stellar football player. The most animated person on the sideline.  That annoying, chipper nature is ready and waiting for the next foolish fish to bite.  He’s the same grade as my brother, so I’m glad he’s leaving soon.

It was just really sad.   I like her, she is nice, and I hope she can feel better. I hate when i see people that hold hands end up fighting. it’s really hard to  watch.